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Happy April from Hilltop!

Posted by on April 25, 2018

Let’s hear what the gals from Hilltop have to say about the summer of 2017 (I wonder which of these girls will be CIT’s in 2018?!):

What was the highlight of your summer?

Natalia: I think that the best that I did was trust myself and have a good attitude.

Izzi: Being in the best cabin!

Irene: The first time my cabin really bonded together by playing cards.

Adri: My friends and my achievements.

Abbey: Passing levels 4 and 5 in swimming.

Valeria: Being able to be with other people in the cabin than last year and to get to know them.

Veronica: It was a AWESOME summer – I had so much fun with my friends and in all my activities.

Sofi (CIT): I passed to 50 yds in archery and all of the good memories from being a live-in.

What were some ways you enjoyed just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Natalia: When we played Cortation Fugation.

Izzi: I got to enjoy my last summer as a camper by taking risks and trying new things!

Irene: I got to unplug and I didn’t have tons of responsibility.

Adri: I got to enjoy my summer by playing fun games and trying to achieve my goals.

Abbey: Evening activity with my cabin and Rec Swim.

Valeria: Playing Spoon Assassins, canoe trips, having canteen, being in Olympics and being in competitions and exchanges.

Veronica: Just being at camp!

Sofi (CIT): Being silly with my friends and cabin.

What is an achievement for which you were most proud?

Natalia: That I won in the advanced riflery competition.

Izzi: Passing my advanced canoeing and getting to 30 yards in archery and getting to go to an exchange.

Irene: I am most proud of all the levels I passed in my activities.

Adri: I’m proud for at least going for my Skipper and advanced water-skiing.

Abbey: Being in sail race, passing levels, skiing for the first time.

Valeria: Passing my levels in archery, riflery, tennis and sailing.  I also became a better person and friend.

Veronica: I passed my levels in riflery and had an amazing cabin!

Sofi (CIT): Passing to 50 yds in archery!

What is something you learned about yourself this summer?

Natalia: That I can be myself and be the best version of me.

Izzi: I learned how to unplug and that I am more patient than I thought!

Irene: How to be positive most of the time.

Adri: I learned that if you keep a positive attitude, everything is better.

Abbey: Nothing is impossible unless I try.

Valeria: To think first about other people over your self and that I can do whatever I propose myself to do.

Veronica: Always be yourself and be happy.

Sofi (CIT): To always be super energetic!

Happy March from Treetops!

Posted by on March 29, 2018

Let’s hear what the gals from Treetops have to say about the summer of 2017:

What was the highlight of your summer?

Tess: Seeing myself work at goals and accomplish them.

Anika: Getting the drama award and passing my horse head (riding), crew (sailing) and bow girl (canoeing).

Dani: Passing nail ring (riding), level 4 (swimming), and a level in sailing.

Ari: Meeting new friends and discovering my new passions.

Maya: Getting to shoot at the TP/Woodland Archery exchange.  It was awesome – we won and I shot well!

Brooke: Making new friends and doing activities.

Ava: Seeing old friends, meeting new people and trying new things.

What were some ways you enjoyed just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Tess: I got to try new activities and not worry about anything.

Anika: Getting to try new activities.

Dani: Riflery, Farm Zoo, and Canoeing.

Ari: Doing fun things and playing.

Maya: I got to do things other kids might not get to do if they don’t come to Woodland – like shoot!

Brooke: With my cabin during Gold Rush, going to jump on the Aqua Tramp, and swimming.

Ava: Playing fun games in activities, Sunday games, and evening activities.

What is an achievement for which you were most proud?

Tess: I set 4 goals for myself at the beginning of camp, and I achieved all of them.  I passed my seaman in sailing, my beginner in tennis, my horse head in riding, and I passed out of level 4 in swim lessons.

Anika: I’m proud that I “Swam to Cathy’s” at my age.

Dani: Passing my nail ring in riding.

Ari: Passing levels in various activities.

Maya: Passing 6 levels in archery this summer!

Brooke: Passing a level in archery and getting a qualifier.

Ava: Trying sailing and being able to skipper and make moorings.

What is something you learned about yourself this summer?

Tess: I can do anything I set my mind to, and if I work hard, I can achieve my goals.

Anika: If you put your mind to it, then you can achieve anything you want.

Dani: If I work hard, I can do it.

Ari: I’m good at sailing, and I need to start taking naps.

Maya: I can do something if I put my mind to it!

Brooke: I like having fun and making new friends.

Ava: I am a good shoulder to lean on and a good person to talk to.

The Joy We’ve Had in Knowing You!

Posted by on March 23, 2018

Anne Jordan (1931-2018)

As many of you may remember, one of Anne’s special gifts was to write toasts for camp birthday honoring campers and staff reaching 5- and 10-year milestones and at banquet to recognize the growth that occurred and achievements made over the course of the summer. To pay tribute to a truly remarkable lady, we would like to celebrate Anne through a special toast.  We will miss you!

For some of the old timers, she was known as Commander Anne;

For all of us, there were no “I Can’ts”; it was only “I Can.”

Driving down the Woodland Road brings a smile to each and every one;

Mrs. J was loved by all for turning camp into a summer home.

Friends from around the globe she would welcome each June;

Washington Waddle and more, she could harmonize many a tune.

We will remember her infectious laugh and telling a joke or two;

She added much needed humor to carry us through.

For guiding campers and staff she was like no other.

We loved to see her dress up for the highly anticipated, “Mother, Mother.”

Cooking was a favorite, and Anne could do it well.

How many donuts or biscuits were downed, we will never tell.

She liked to visit activities, but at tennis she was an ace.

If it was TLC you needed, going to Mrs. J was always the right place.

Driving the golf cart around, Anne was certainly on the go.

She played the piano and accompanied songs for the co-ed show.

Through her music Anne was positive and upbeat;

At camp we like to stay on the “Sunny Side of the Street”.

For generations of girls, this strong woman helped find their happy;

Through Anne’s children and grandchildren, special it will always be.

A fond memory is hearing the wind blowing off Sand Lake creating a gentle breeze;

Linking hands right over left, Anne passed on the traditional friendship squeeze.

Each campfire lights anew, the flame of friendship true;

The joy we’ve had in knowing you, Mrs. J, will last our whole life through!

Happy New Year from Sunrius!

Let’s hear what the CIT’s from summer 2017 have to say:

What is the highlight of your summer?

Molly A: Getting to watch the starts, bonding with my cabin, and eating lunch on the bridge during our canoe trip

Vale: Learning about persistence and being able to reach my goals with my friends by my side.

Cayley: Seeing my friends, trying new things, coed show practices, and Rec Swim.

Kelly: Seeing my friends again and getting to know people in my age group I hadn’t been in a cabin with.

Parker: Making new friends and having so much new responsibility (being O.D. was a lot of fun!)!

Molly J: Being able to spend time with all the CIT’s planning Sunday activities.

Jae: Bonding with Sunrius and being a CIT; I’m so glad to have gotten close with everyone.  They are my 2nd family!

Josune: To pass my levels in riflery, tennis, and archery.

Barbie: Being a CIT was amazing because I have waited 5 years to be one.  There is a great difference between being a camper and a CIT.  Having friends, passing levels, and being at camp for 6 weeks is incredible!

Sam: Being a CIT and having more responsibility.  I love being in Co-Ed Show and going to practice and getting close with all the CIT’s at both camps because they are amazing!

Sofi: Co-Ed Show practice and Woodland Fair.

Paula: Co-Ed Show and spending so many moments with my friends.

Estefi: Having the opportunity to be a CIT because you learn new things and try new things.  My entire summer was awesome!

Amelia: Making new memories with my friends and taking part in all of the CIT activities.

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Molly A: Disconnecting from my phone so my only worry was about having fun!

Vale: By always being around my friends, laughing and being silly together.

Cayley: Movie night, coed show practices, and tennis class.

Kelly: Rec Swim on Sunday’s, Camper Council nights with my cabin, and playing Spoon Assassins.

Parker: Getting to try new activities that I would not have the chance to do at home.

Molly J: Not having my phone; it is nice to be away from it and all the stress it brings with it.

Jae: When we had a beach party Rec Swim for evening activity and a bunch of us CIT’s just played fun games together.

Barbie: At camp you can do whatever you want.  I got to play with my cabin mates during cabin night and other activities.  Being a camper is awesome because you get to play, play, play!

Sam: All of the special events when I can scream and get myself and everyone else hyped up and excited.

Sofi: Doing my activities, playing games, and making friends.

Paula: Playing games like Mafia or Capture the Flag.

Estefi: Playing Sunday games.

Amelia: Participating in all the games we play and working together with all the other girls.

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Molly A: Passing 4 levels in archery this year.

Vale: Passing my level in archery and getting closer to achieving Golden Archer; it was a challenge, but I kept going.

Cayley: Stepping up as a role model for campers and being someone they could rely on.

Kelly: During the Ropes Course I was able to do a lot of the activities even though I am super scared of heights.

Parker: Getting out of my comfort zone – I was so much bolder this summer and it felt great!

Molly J: Growing as a leader, rider, and individual.  I have learned many new skills this summer that will continue to use outside of camp.

Jae: Everything we did for Co-Ed Show.

Josune: That I can make new friends and learn so many new things this summer.

Barbie: I’m really proud of teaching dance and being an assist in riflery.  All the little girls see me as an example, and I love how they always come to me if they need something.

Sam: For stepping up and being a leader.  It wasn’t obvious at first how much my leadership skill helped everyone until I got to camp.

Sofi: Making new friends and improving my skills in sailing.

Paula: Being able to become a leader and a role model to others around me.

Estefi: Passing my levels in riflery and tennis.

Amelia: I passed my Bar 7 in riflery!

What did you learn about yourself?

Molly A: I am not afraid to do things differently than everyone else.

Vale: I learned that it’s OK to take a break when I feel like I have a lot on my plate.

Cayley: Never get down on yourself and keep a positive attitude & positive things will happen!

Kelly: I learned about my dependence on others; I was always looking for other people’s approval, and I realized that needed to change.

Parker: I can handle so much more than I thought I could.  I can crawl out of my shell and try new things I would never imagine myself doing.

Molly J: I like to be challenged.  I like being able to do something that was hard, but I can say that I was still able to do it.

Jae: To stick up for myself and be proud of who I am and let myself have the best summer ever!

Josune: That I can do anything I put my mind to and that I don’t have to be afraid of anything – just do it!  I can learn something new every day.

Barbie: Being persistent because I never give up.  I just keep saying that I can do it; I will pass and have a positive attitude towards everything.  Also that I can be a leader in activities such as dance.

Sam: That I am looked up to by a lot of younger girls – I never really saw myself as a role model until camp.

Sofi: I can be patient.

Paula: What others think of me is irrelevant, and I should just do things that make me happy.

Estefi: I can always try new things.

Amelia: I really enjoy trying new things, and I look for the good in every situation.


Reunion Rap #2 2017

2017 CIT’s

What is your favorite thing about school this year?

Izzi: Being in high school

Abbey: Freedom

Irene: Being at a new school and making new friends

Amelia: I love meeting new friends, and I really enjoy cross country!

Cayley: Meeting new people, and experiencing a new environment

Kelly: The school swim team and my friends on the team

Sofia: My friends

Sam: Meeting new people and spending time with friends

Molly: Going to a new school and meeting new people

Jae: Getting to see all of my friends every day

Hilltop 2017

What activities do you participate in or what do you like to do when you are not in school?

Izzi: Field hockey

Abbey: Play the ukulele

Irene: Volleyball and lacrosse

Amelia: I do cross country and track at school which are a lot of fun!

Cayley: I play volleyball, and I like to read.

Kelly: Swimming and soccer

Sofia: Horseback riding and tennis

Sam: I love playing soccer, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing with my dogs

Molly: I horseback ride every week

Jae: Figure skating, band, vocal jazz band, choir, acapella

2017 JC’s

What is something learned at Woodland that has been helpful to you at home or school?

Izzi: Leadership

Abbey: Making conversations NOT awkward

Irene: To stay organized and calm

Amelia: To always try my best and work towards my goals

Cayley: Leadership, adaptability, and interaction skills

Kelly: Leadership skills and the ability to make new friends easily

Sofia: Friendship

Sam: Leadership and social skills have definitely helped me a lot

Molly: Camp has taught me how to be a leader and get out of my comfort zone & try new things

Jae: Leadership and being able to make new friends