Leadership Programs

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program

Camp Woodland is well known for its leadership program.  Girls 15-16 years of age, along with having their own activities, assist daily in an hour-long class that is led by a senior counselor.  Our senior counselors are trained to mentor CITs and transition them from camper to counselor. As they make this journey, CITs understand and become an integral part of the magic of camp they experienced as younger campers.

The focus of our CIT program centers around the following:

  • Being a positive role model
  • Learning the in’s and out’s of being a cabin counselor
  • Handling typical camp situations
  • Assistant teaching 1 to 2 camp activities
  • Planning and organizing all-camp Sunday Special Events
  • Teaching various other leadership skills that are transferable to both school and community

Explorer’s North – A Sailing Adventure Awaits

titanicExplorer’s North is one of the most coveted camp experiences that we have been offering to campers for over 30 years.  Girls ages 13-16 are selected during the camp summer to embark on 3-day sailing adventures on Lake Superior.  They are selected based on their advanced sailing skills, their passion to be on the water, and ability to be a part of a team.  The girls return from these sailing trips with a new- found sense of confidence to take on new challenges at camp and the assurance to try new things at school and in life!

Ropes Course

ropes-courseCampers ages 13 and above are given the opportunity to sign-up and participate in an amazing 1-day ropes course experience at a local high school in Rhinelander.  Campers grow at both the individual and team levels, exploring leadership, communication and problem solving.   The various challenges present multiple possibilities for self-discovery and collaboration and allow campers to expand their comfort zones to achieve in ways never imagined to be possible.

I was asked to do a meditation where you thought of all the things and places that make you happy.  After thoughts of my family, I immediately thought about the meadow by the barn and the woods in the old growth forest.  Camp is still one of my most happy places.

– Jessie, Former Camper