Covid Updates


“We are committed to running an in-person camp experience for the summer of 2021. The pandemic has caused many changes in our lives, but the need for us to be in a community at camp has not diminished, it has only increased. Camp brings laughter, face-to-face relationships, freedom from screens and schoolwork, improved mental health, an opportunity to get acquainted with nature, and so much more. That being said, COVID-19 has definitely complicated the process for making this happen!

We believe that the smaller size of our programs, along with a multitude of outdoor spaces, are both assets to navigating Covid related protocols. As you know, we are in the midst of an evolving landscape. The following guidelines are what we know as of today and we will keep you updated as things evolve.

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.”

The Jordan Family and Leadership Team


Pre-Arrival Protocols for Campers:
These interventions are important first steps to reducing the risk of COVID at camp this summer. A healthy camp begins at home!


  • Campers will be required to complete and submit at least one negative molecular (PCR) test up to 72 hours before arrival to camp. *We may have the opportunity to get campers tested 24 hours before camp with a mobile lab via an MAIC partnership. We will update you with more information as we get closer to camp.*

Restrict Contact:

  • We ask that all campers restrict contact to members of their household 2 weeks prior to the start of travel to camp.
  • It is recommended that all family members try to avoid higher risk activities, such as parties, weddings, funerals, public graduations, large gatherings, and sleepovers during the 2 weeks leading up to the start of camp.
Travel to Camp:

Congratulations! You have done all the right things. Let’s head North to camp!

  • Personal vehicle: We encourage this method of travel as much as possible for campers and staff. We will have a staggered arrival and will be sending out information in June about arrival times to camp. Please contact us as soon as possible if you know your plans require a certain time window.
  • Airline travel: We are allowing airline travel and requiring the use of N95 masks. Please communicate with our office staff your plans for traveling from the airport to camp.
  • Opening and Closing Day: We will most likely have staggered arrival times on opening and closing days and will provide more specific information as we get closer to the start of camp. It will be important for all campers to arrive on the same date; therefore we will not allow camper arrivals after June 26, 2021. If available, we plan to do a rapid test at time of arrival for all campers.
  • Who Should Not Come?: It is recommended that grandparents and immune-compromised family members NOT come to camp this year. If at all possible, we ask that no more than one family member accompany each camper for drop-off. We also understand that underlying conditions may make attending camp too high of a risk for your son/daughter. Although we are implementing many safety protocols and doing our best to prevent COVID-19 cases at camp, there is still the chance that someone will contract COVID-19. Families not comfortable with the risk of contracting COVID-19 should not attend camp this summer.
Communities at Camp:

Although we are a small camp community overall, we will be breaking our numbers down even further to help mitigate our risk during the start of camp.

  • The Cabin Group: Masking or physical distancing will not be required within the cabin group when interacting with each other. This will be the “home family” for each camper and staff for the duration of the summer. It is likely that there will be many more “cabin” activities integrated into the first two weeks of camp where campers still choose their activities but interact, as much as possible, with only their cabin group.
  • The Larger “Pod”: Current recommendations include limiting contact to groups of 50, after preliminary arrival, and then expanding that number as time at camp extends. We need to take into account a variety of factors before we decide how large our groups will grow and over what time period.
  • Our Sister/Brother Camp: Campers will be allowed to go to Towering Pines or Woodland for traditional activities after 1 week, following a negative COVID test, but they will be required to stay in their own camp pods. Brothers and sisters wishing to visit briefly on these excursions will be masked and physically distanced.
Will Camp Be a “Bubble”?

Yes, but no doubt, an imperfect one. A relatively closed community will be one of several important layers.

  • Travel Between Camps: After a 7 day in-camp quarantine and negative test, counselors will be able to go to both camps. We are currently evaluating the need to have all staff remain on camp grounds for the summer (with exceptions for maintenance and other supply purchasing trips). Vaccine availability and the current research as to how vaccinated people can or cannot spread COVID-19 will help inform this policy. There will certainly be restrictions in place to help keep our community as safe as possible.
  • Vendors/Outside Labor: Social distancing, masking and other protocols will be in place to protect any vendors and the camp community, should an “in person” visit to camp prove necessary. Laundry service and other typical camp routines that would normally require visitors, are being modified so that entering camp will not be necessary.
  • Visitors: Only Leadership staff spouses, with pre-approval and typical protocols (testing, masking) are expected to be visiting camp. These visitors will have very limited contact with the larger camp community. Again, vaccines and other seemingly constantly changing factors will further inform these decisions on a case by case basis. At this point we do not foresee allowing parent visits.
Staff Protocols:

Our staff are extremely vital to carrying out our camp mission; therefore, we want to do everything possible to secure their health and safety for the summer which ultimately impacts the health and safety of our campers.

  • Pre-Camp Testing: Staff will come to camp with a negative molecular test up to 72 hours prior to arrival. We expect to have access to sufficient testing so that staff will be tested again 5-7 days after arrival to camp and given a rapid test at the time of arrival of campers.
  • Pre-Camp Contact Restriction: We are asking staff to reduce activity and contact with others outside their household 7-10 days before arrival to camp. Pre-camp training is extended to 14 days, which will, hopefully, allow us to identify any issues with staff health prior to camper arrival.
  • Pre-Camp Vaccination: Both Wisconsin and Illinois have included camp counselors in the category of people who are eligible for vaccination before camp. We will be encouraging and facilitating as many of our staff as possible to be vaccinated prior to arrival at camp.
  • Extended Pre-camp: This will include additional training on COVID-19 and a second round of contact restrictions. Staff are scheduled to arrive by June 13. We have hired a public health specialist that will be training staff on hygiene, pods, and other COVID-19 protocols.
  • Camp Life and Time Off: This will look a little different for those staff members who have been to camp in previous years. We will have an in depth conversation with staff regarding necessary time-off policy changes due to COVID-19 prior to their arrival at camp. Our policies will remain consistent with our philosophy outlined in our current staff handbook.
In-Camp Mitigation:
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting: While always a priority, cleaning will be enhanced for the summer. High touch surfaces and equipment will have additional cleaning scheduled.
  • Face Coverings: We ask that all campers and staff come to camp with several masks for situations outside the cabin group that will require these. If weather forces us indoors, these will be a critical layer to protect our community. It will also be critical when interacting with our nurse and medical staff. Camp buffs and masks will hopefully also be available! More on this to come in future communications. Mask cleaning protocols will be in place.
  • Water Bottles: Please plan to pack at least one easily transportable water bottle for the summer. Water fountains and communal drinking stations have a high risk of transmission. Water bottle cleaning protocols will be in place.
  • Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers: These have always been a priority at both camps and will be especially important this summer. Modification of the camp schedule and additional protocols for ensuring proper hand washing will be in place. Availability of hand sanitizers throughout the camp grounds will be the norm.
  • Social Distancing and Daily Program: Currently plans for each activity to limit contact outside of each cabin group and pod are being established. This list is extensive and difficult to share in this document. We will have cones, markers, etc. to help make appropriate distancing clear to campers and staff.
  • Dining Outdoors: We are currently evaluating natural ventilation options at both dining halls. Campers already eat outside for Sunday Picnic and Weekly Cookout. We will be providing more meals outdoors (weather permitting), especially during the first 2 weeks of camp. Physical distancing between cabin groups will be implemented for indoor dining. Serving will be controlled by select staff members for what would typically be self service (salad bars, etc). If necessary, eating in shifts will be implemented.
  • Mosquito and Tick Control: We are contracting with a mosquito and tick control company (hired for Towering Pines for the summer of 2019 with great results) to treat both camps. This will increase our ability to be outside for dining and evening activities. It should also reduce tick bites and the need to visit the nurse and/or town, thus mitigating risk of exposure to COVID-19.
We’ve done our best and made it to camp, now what?:

Daily Health Checks

  • Daily health checks will be conducted the first 7-10 days of camp.
  • We expect to have access to in camp PCR testing so that campers will be tested 5-7 days after arrival to camp.
  • After 10 days are completed and campers have negative tests, we will go back to the normal routine of weekly checks.

Suspected Positive Cases

  • Communication with home: The Camp Director and/or a camp nurse will be contacting parents if we believe a camper has a suspected case of COVID-19. The camper will be isolated and monitored as we commence contact tracing. Parents, Camp Director and/or camp nurse, and health department will discuss options for any confirmed positive cases.
  • Local Testing: Testing is becoming more readily available in the area. We will continue to investigate in-camp testing, along with PCR molecular testing, in partnership with local clinics, laboratories, private companies, and other camps in the area.
  • Is it better for your camper to leave camp instead of quarantine at camp? This is a question we hope not to have to answer this summer. Our hope is to have campers who have had close contact with a suspected and/or confirmed case stay at camp and quarantine until we can be sure of the outcome of the exposure. We can monitor campers and change their programming so that campers who have had close contact can still enjoy activities. Ultimately this decision will need to be discussed with the parents and campers involved. Communication is key!

A Work in Progress:

Please realize this is a working document. Modifications will be based on current and relative scientific research as well as guidelines from our governing bodies (local health department, ACA, CDC, etc). We realize there are as many different opinions on how to handle COVID-19 at camp, as there are different families from varying geographical regions whom we serve (and quite possibly multiple opinions within the same family!). One size may not fit all in this case. We welcome thoughtful conversations with our families as we draw closer to summer 2021 and, as always, appreciate your trust in us to act in the best interest of your children.