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Woodland’s Neighborhood Community

Posted by on July 15, 2019

I can remember coming home from school in my youth and heading outside first thing after grabbing a snack. Many neighborhood kids would congregate at our house as we lived in the middle of the block. We played kickball in our side yard and wore paths between bases until there was no more grass (much to my Dad’s chagrin). The only way we knew it was time to come in for dinner was to listen for the bell that my Mom would ring from the front steps. Ghosts in the Graveyard was a popular night time game that usually took place across several connected yards. We would play for hours upon hours until our parents would drag us inside (kicking and screaming, no doubt!).

Being at Woodland reminds me of that same neighborhood feel I remember so well from being a kid. The cabins are nestled in the trees and create their own neighborhood as they are in close proximity to each other (more in a clump than a straight line). Each cabin is slightly different in design yet offers a similar inviting appearance with a porch, clothesline, cabin flag, and flowers on the stoop. There is a flurry of activity in this neighborhood multiple times a day when campers return “home” from a busy morning or afternoon of activities or following a meal.

I love hearing doors open and close as campers come in and out of the cabin to share the highlights of a fun-filled camp day with each other and their counselors. Girls will hang out on the porch or make their way to the tether ball areas for a friendly pick-up game. In the mornings and evening, the spigot is a gathering place for mixed ages to gather for communal toothbrushing and shaving parties. There are several camp-wide games that utilize the cabin area because of the ability to sneak up on the opposing team while playing tag or Cortation Fugation (a popular end-of-summer game).

I am reminded by my good friend, Jolly Corley, that this neighborhood that camp provides is something that has has long since disappeared from our communities.  While neighborhoods may no longer exist in very many towns or cities around the country, we both believe they can be found at camp.

Camp is place where children interact with children of all ages, and the person in charge very likely may not be over twenty-one years old; a place where children can still make up the rules to a game they’ve just invented; a place where play is valued. For these reasons, going to camp is more important for children now than it ever has been! 

(Woodland) creates a safe neighborhood for children to become independent and confident in their own abilities to control themselves and to contribute in a way they may not be able to do in their neighborhood at home.

At Woodland, the camper of the day rings the bell to bring campers back to the neighborhood community we have created in the Northwoods!

Click HERE to see Jolly’s full article found in Camping Magazine (published in January of 2014).


Woodland Passes 2 “Tests!”

Posted by on July 11, 2019

When we think of tests, we often think of being in school and the exams taken that mark the end of a chapter, unit, semester or year.  While we try not to compare camp to school, Woodland actually had two tests of its own this summer!  On Monday, Camp Woodland greeted 2 trained volunteers from the American Camp Association (ACA) for our accreditation visit that occurs every 5th year.  JoAnne and Lee gave our guests the grand tour of camp. They stopped to watch various activities in action, check out a few cabins, interview some campers and staff, and take a look at the kitchen and health center.  Following the tour, the visitors went through multiple notebook binders to verify that we have the necessary documentation to be in compliance with close to 300 health, safety, and program quality standards!  Whew!


One of the first signs you see when you come into camp!

Why do we seek accreditation? We’re glad you asked!  Camp Woodland and Towering Pines PROUDLY display the ACA-Accredited Camp sign as it has 50+ years of parent trust behind it.  Accreditation means that both camps have proof of accountability, credibility, and commitment to the best practices established by the camp industry.  Experts from many fields including the American Red Cross and The American Academy of Pediatrics, for example, are consulted to work with ACA to continually improve the camp standards program.  We are happy to report that Camp Woodland “PASSED” this big test again this year!  Towering Pines will be on the list of camps to be visited next summer. Marion Jordan (JoAnne, Susan, and Jeff’s grandfather) was instrumental in getting the ACA Accreditation program started back in the day!

Wearing a helmet, boots, and long pants is an example of one of the program standards for horseback riding.

For our second “test” this summer, the Oneida health department came for their annual review last week, and they made similar stops to ACA on their walk around camp.  The great thing is that because our staff are well-trained at the beginning of each summer and on an on-going basis, they handled any questions that were asked like pros and did a nice job telling the story of what we do and why.  Camp Woodland had another excellent report from the health department (are you surprised?!)!  It made for a busy week, and we are glad to get back to the more FUN part of our jobs (like driving the ski boat, prepping for canoe trips, reading a story at campfire, and spending quality time with your daughters)!

Woodland’s 50th season is underway!

Posted by on June 25, 2019

Woodland Welcomes 2019 Campers!

The moment we have all been waiting for is FINALLY here!  Camp Woodland’s 50th season is officially underway, and we couldn’t be more excited!  We also know that there are a lot of mixed emotions from campers and parents alike on Opening Weekend.  Shedding tears and feeling your heartstrings pull tight after giving one last hug is NORMAL.  We know that you love your daughters very much and that you will miss them while they are with us!  Thank you for giving them the gift of camp!

Fun at the Beach!

The first weekend is packed full of action and fun, but there is nothing like the first day of activities to help campers feel like they are settling into the flow of camp.  By mid-week your daughters will be pros with the routines of the camp day.  They will anticipate the ring of the Woodland bell to signal moving from one exciting activity to another.  They will know all about “hopping” and the “job wheel” and will have had enjoyed getting “canteen” in the afternoons at the end of Rec Swim or Sailing.  They will have joined in signing the “Ship Titanic” and the “Woodland Song” after dinner.

Lucy Landsports and Wendy Waterfront

Monday after dinner is designated as Cabin Night and is all about continuing the process of cabin unity and bonding.  Fun choices that vary each week including cabin canoe trips and trying out the Aqua Tramp at Towering Pines are typically scheduled for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday evening activities.  Dinner on Wednesday is a cookout at the picnic tables by Treetops followed by Campfire at the beach where your camper will be working with her cabin to prepare a song or skit (and write her first “official” letter to update you on all that has been happening since she arrived!).  Camp will feel more like home with each passing day and the week will FLY BY in no time!

Every Day is a “Sunny” Day at Camp Woodland!

You packed, prepared and did everything you could to get your camper(s) ready for an AMAZING summer!  WE THANK YOU!  Now it is our turn to do what we do best – Woodland has been in the business of youth development for 50 summers.  We are very much looking forward to seeing all the ways your daughters SHINE in 1-9!  Stay tuned…


Strong Woodland Women

Posted by on March 10, 2019

If this photo doesn’t scream “strong women,” I don’t know what does! Last year McDonald’s flipped the infamous golden arches on International Women’s Day; however, the ‘W’ of Woodland always represents the girls who leave camp a little (or a lot!) stronger than they were before. As we honor the women in history who have blazed a trail before us, I can’t help but think of the Woodland CIT’s and their counselors who do the same each and every day at camp.

We saw these girls take on numerous leadership roles as they are a HUGE part of the equation for making camp “magical” for the younger campers as did the CIT’s before them.  CIT’s are involved in the day-to-day operations of camp and take turns ringing the wake-up bell, sorting the outgoing and incoming mail, doing cabin inspection with the nurse, assisting with activities, giving ski help and taking canteen orders during Rec Swim,…just to name a FEW!  As a group they take part in a daily leadership training hour with their counselors during the first few weeks of the summer and plan all-camp Sunday events such as Gold Rush or other fun themes. These gals make it happen!

CIT’s who are in their second year of leadership development live in a cabin of younger girls and see first hand what it is like to be in charge from sunrise to sunset! “Live Ins” can be found assisting counselors with cabin clean-up, sparking conversation during meals, planning skits for campfire or other special cabin activities, initiating a group game, or reading a bedtime story. These gals are integral to cabin life and develop important leadership skills as a result because they practice them over and over. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We can’t wait for many of them to be counselors in 2019!

Find out more about a growth moment for some the 2018 CIT’s (the end of camp craziness took priority over filling out the ‘best moments’ sheet for the others in case you are wondering why your camper isn’t listed!):

Irene: I have learned how to really bond with the younger girls and have become more responsible and aware of my actions.

Amelia: I am now more aware that a small gesture of kindness can make someone’s whole day!

Cayley: I am more in tune with how my actions affect others.

Barbie: I’m more open to the people I trust and feel at home with. I now that I can be a good leader with kids and show them new things.

Jae: I really tried focusing on the positive side in many situations and making sure that everyone felt included/welcome.

Sofia: I learned that every year is completely different and to make each one awesome!

Vale: I know now that the best memories are made when you least expect it!

Kelly: I became more confident and outgoing this summer. I also learned empathy as I became aware of the hardships each person goes through.




I HEART CAMP DAY – Post Photos for the Love of Camp

Our favorite time of year (during the winter) is almost here!!  February 1st is National I Heart Camp Day! Help us spread the word on the importance of summer camp. Remember all those funny pictures we took of you with the “I heart Camp ” Poster. Well, on February 1 Camp Woodland campers, parents, staff, and alumni are encouraged to post their ” I heart Camp” photo as their Facebook Profile. Don’t have Facebook?

Here are a few ideas to show the world (or just your friends) how much camp means to you!

  • Instagram your photo! #Woodland4Girls #Iheartcamp
  • Print it out and paste on your favorite school tablet
  • Post it on your Pinterest Site
  • Make it a screen saver on your computer

Click the link to retrieve your daughter’s photos (we included brother-sister photos): I heart Camp Woodland Photos Link

Need your son’s photo too? Click the link to your son’s (Towering Pines) photos: I heart TP Photos link

All you have to do is: 1- find your picture, 2- download it by clicking the download tab on the bottom right of the photo, 3-Post it this Thursday, Feburary 1!

Check out our archives of I Heart Camp Day. It is fun to see how we have grown!:

* We took these photos at the end of the summer. We apologize if your daughter could not be part of this project and hope to do the photos throughout the entire next summer! Make your own photo and post it!  We love to see your child’s creativity!