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Treetops is ready for camp!

Posted by on June 5, 2017

This is the last of the “Best Moments” from 2016 – thanks, Treetops, for reminding us to pack our sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle, sunglasses, and Crazy Creek so that we are ready for camp to begin in a few short weeks!  We are VERY excited to see what new memories, achievements, and growth “Create Your Own Scene in ’17” will bring!

What is one moment at camp you will never forget:
Eleanora: When I met my new friends.

Ava: When I met so many people my age and older and when I did new things.

Lilah: My cabin friends!

Lizzy: Song Contest is a moment I will never forget because we worked so hard on it with the props, the dance, and the song.

Brooke: Doing the activities (gymnastics, riding, swimming, archery, dance, rec swim)

Lou: I will never forget the day I passed out of level 4 swimming.

Dani: Winning Song Contest!

Maya: When my riding class trotted – the counselors said it was awesome!

What is something adventurous you did this summer:

Eleanora: I went on a canoe trip.

Ava: I went camping in the wilderness for the first time.   I tried many new things, including the Big Banana.

Lilah: I rode a horse bareback.

Lizzy: Trying something new and going out of my comfort zone.

Brooke: Going on trail rides.

Lou: I went to the bog for nature week.

Dani: Going on our cabin canoe trip and sleeping in a tent in the forest.

Maya: I trotted by myself. I was scared at first, but then it was fun.

What is an achievement for which you are most proud:

Eleanora: I passed Promarksman in riflery.

Ava: Passing level 4 in swimming, trotting in riding, passing Promarksman in riflery, shooting 20 yards in archery, and getting my back handspring!

Lilah: I learned how to do a kneeling dive.

Lizzy: Competing in an individual event in the Olympics.

Brooke: Doing a front and back walkover in gymnastics.

Lou: Passing my Black Archer and trying gymnastics.

Dani: Being in Level 4 in swimming, and being pretty good at tennis, gymnastics, riding, and riflery.

Maya: I tried 5 new things this summer: dance, drama, canoeing, art, and archery.

What is something you learned about yourself:

Eleanora: That camp is not scary!

Ava: I am a leader and a hard worker. I also have a sense of fun and adventure.

Lilah: I really like archery!

Lizzy: I learned that if I put my mind to something, I can do anything!

Brooke: I am really quiet every day.

Lou: I learned that I am really funny! I love myself, and I can do anything if I try my best!

Dani: Don’t say “I Can’t” and never give up.

Maya: I am beautiful inside and out, and I should not judge myself.

Happy Mother’s Day from Sunrise!

Posted by on May 12, 2017

Best Moments from Sunrise

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Emily: Making sand castles at the waterfront!

Lauren: Sailing for the first time.

Libby: When I made Sophia, Jenny, and Ceci cry.  I started hugging them and they broke into tears.

Ximena: Being hyper and running laps around the cabin with Amelia. It was super fun laughing and running all around the cabin!

Amelia: Having loads of energy and running laps around the cabin until we grew tired.  Those were the good times!

Becky: My first day at camp!  I remember Sofia (my counselor) shouting my name and 5 minutes later telling me to go to the cabin, but in that moment, I forgot who she was!  I also won’t forget Claire telling me to put my pajamas on, and I didn’t understand what she was saying.  It was SO cool!

What is something adventurous you did this past summer?

Emily: I tried new things.

Lauren: When I went with Farm Zoo to Lost Lake at Towering Pines.

Libby: I soloed a canoe for the first time.

Ximena: Passing my level in water-skiing – I didn’t think I could do it!

Amelia: This summer I tried 2 new activities (tennis and riflery).  Both of them are now my favorite activities!

Becky: Getting to canoe across the lake was something new for me.  Rachel, Elena, and I were singing during the entire trip.  Sleeping outside in the woods was amazing!  And, I ate s’mores for the first time (they were delicious)!

What is something for which you are most proud?

Emily: I am proud of passing a level in archery when it was my first time shooting.

Lauren: I passed out of Level 4 in swimming lessons.

Libby: Passing levels in activities and trying new things.

Ximena: Making new friends, passing out of swimming lessons, and passing levels in other activities.  I also make others have a great summer!

Amelia: Learning to take 2 minute showers – it really comes in handy!

Becky: I did a lot of new things this summer!  I shot a gun for the first time, I learned how to ride, I knee-boarded for the first time, I improved a lot in gymnastics, and I made a lot of new friends!

What is something you learned about yourself?

Emily W: I am a good shooter and swimmer.

Lauren: I am braver than I thought!

Libby: I usually don’t give up when trying new things.

Ximena: That I can do everything I put my mind to and achieve it no matter what.  I think that is AMAZING!

Amelia: I learned that I don’t have to be perfect.  All that matters is that I try and believe in myself.

Becky: I realized that my way to run is so weird, but it makes me run faster!

Happy New Year from Aquarius!


Best Moments from Aquarius:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Sofi: every little thing I do at camp, when we all have fun in the cabin, or when we have deep talks.

Gigi: Minute-to-Win-it games, which was the best Camper Council EVER (we ended up soaking Natalie with water guns)!

Andrea: When our entire cabin was together during rest hour with our counselors; we were just chillin’ and bonding…I can’t find the words to describe it.

Lydia: When we attacked Natalie with water guns and drenched her in water!

Sarah: Natalie getting squirt gunned during Camper Council night and her pending revenge.

Betsy: Diving off the dock at the Aqua Tramp and our counselors grading us on a 1-10 scale, and “I got talent & that’s pretty good”, and I learned how to dive!

Jenna: Going to all of the socials and Co-Ed Show practices with my friends.

Katie: Arriving at camp and having people excited to see me.

Susan: Practicing for Co-Ed Show.


What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Sofi: When we went on our day trip; we canoed through a chain of lakes and saw really amazing things.

Gigi: I canoed the Wisconsin River and went to the Ropes Course.

Andrea: Our day trip across the Wisconsin River and having a GREAT time!

Lydia: I went on a TP Trail Ride with 4th hour riding class.

Sarah: I danced in the Co-Ed Show and canoed the Wisconsin River.

Betsy: I went on a TP trail ride, which was fun.  I rode a horse named, Mitch, which I thought was funny.

Jenna: When we canoed on the Wisconsin River.

Katie: Our day trip on the Wisconsin River as a CIT group.

Susan: Canoeing the Wisconsin River on our day trip.


Describe an achievement for which you are most proud:

Sofi: Passing levels and doing good in sailing, learning more in every activity.

Gigi: Being a CIT and learning new things about how to be a counselor.

Andrea: Passing my archery level and getting qualifiers in archery and riflery.

Lydia: Being in first hour advanced riding.

Sarah: Being a good CIT and working for my Spurs level in riding.

Betsy: Going to the ropes course and trying everything; it was scary, but at least I tried.

Jenna: Passing my kneeling levels in riflery; now I am standing.

Katie: Passing my Bar I in riflery.

Susan: Passing my Black Archer, a level I worked on for a long time and then passing my Blue Yoeman in one day.


What did you learn most about yourself?

Sofi: I trust myself and just go for it; I don’t think it through – I just take a big breath and do it.

Gigi: That I always have to believe in myself and be confident.

Andrea: I am capable of doing many things that I could not realize I was capable of.

Lydia: I learned about being a responsible counselor.

Sarah: I need to have patience with myself.

Betsy: I learned that I can depend on other people when I am doubting myself and that I like swimming.

Jenna: Understanding that it is OK to be myself and to accept everyone for who they are.

Katie: I can handle new responsibilities.

Susan: I learned that I can dance (sort of).


Holiday cheer to “Ship Titanic”

Please sing along to the tune of SHIP TITANIC!

Verse: Oh, the holidays are here, there’s no need to be blue;

Social media we do, Lee will update you it’s true.

The bus Maddie does ride, Mo-Jo and Miles at school with pride,

We’ll be glad for camp next year.


Chorus: We’ll be glad,…We’ll be glad…We’ll be glad for camp next year.

We really want to see our friends, and the fun will never end.

We’ll be glad for camp next year.


Verse: Oh, the winds are so high, and winter is so cold.

Calla teaches you see, so summer is like gold.

Kim will put math aside, and to Wisconsin she will fly.

We’ll be glad for camp next year. (Chorus)


Verse: JoAnne turned around as she watched her dogs drop down;

Jake and Zoe made the strangest sound.

On many trips Susan goes, to County D in June she shows.

We’ll be glad for camp next year!  (Chorus)


Verse: Oh, the moral of the story as you can plainly see,

Is to plan ahead for summer – where else would you rather be?

Oh, this song is through, and we do miss you!

We’ll be glad for camp next year!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Camp Woodland!

Reunion Rap #3


Hilltop 2016

Still MORE camper news from the Chicago reunion!

Favorite thing about school:

Jae: the late starts on Thursday’s

Molly: sports

Emilie: art club (scratch art & pumpkin decorating)

Claire: starting new clubs

Jenna: I love my classes and the people in them!

Sofi: the new friends I have made so far


Aquarius 2016

Favorite thing about school:

Susie: meeting all sorts of new people

Lydia: all of the new friends I have met in my classes

Daphne: classes

Elena: seeing camp friends in the hallway

Chelsea: I really love my US History class; I find it so interesting

Sofia: AP Psychology is really fun and interesting

Colette: my classes and my teachers are great


Live-In’s 2016

Activities (when not in school):

Danielle: crafts, hang with friends, shop, roller blade, etc.

Jae: show choir group called, “Expressions” and figure skating

Molly: diving and gymnastics

Emilie: archery and service projects (bake sale, wrapping LOTS of packages with socks and hats)

Claire: club volleyball

Jenna: dance and spending time with friends

Sofi: archery


Mini-reunion in Nebraska!

Activities (when not in school):

Susie: archery, watching TV, reading, drawing

Lydia: riding lessons and golf

Daphne: play tennis and hang out with my friends

Elena: dance, and “food taxi” club that delivers leftovers to soup kitchens and families in need

Chelsea: working at Ralph Lauren, prom committee, and student council

Sofia: varsity tennis team and choir

Colette: dance competitively


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Danielle: that camp is FUN!

Jae: show choir group called, “Expressions” and figure skating

Molly: diving and gymnastics

Emilie: archery and service projects (bake sale, wrapping LOTS of packages with socks and hats)

Claire: friendships always last

Jenna: how to get along with 8 other girls for 6 weeks

Sofi: to value what I have and to love everyone as they are


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Susie: how to be myself

Lydia: learning to be confident in myself and breaking out of my shell

Daphne: how to make friends that will last a lifetime

Elena: I’ve learned to have compassion for others and be more selfless, whether it be through friendships or the relationships I’ve developed with younger campers

Chelsea: how to work through any problem with communication, compromise, and problem solving

Sofia: how to form friendships that I know will last a lifetime and how to work well with others

Colette: I have learned so much at Woodland, but the most valuable lesson is how to be independent and live with others; as a CIT I learned how to take initiative