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Happy New Year from Aquarius!


Best Moments from Aquarius:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Sofi: every little thing I do at camp, when we all have fun in the cabin, or when we have deep talks.

Gigi: Minute-to-Win-it games, which was the best Camper Council EVER (we ended up soaking Natalie with water guns)!

Andrea: When our entire cabin was together during rest hour with our counselors; we were just chillin’ and bonding…I can’t find the words to describe it.

Lydia: When we attacked Natalie with water guns and drenched her in water!

Sarah: Natalie getting squirt gunned during Camper Council night and her pending revenge.

Betsy: Diving off the dock at the Aqua Tramp and our counselors grading us on a 1-10 scale, and “I got talent & that’s pretty good”, and I learned how to dive!

Jenna: Going to all of the socials and Co-Ed Show practices with my friends.

Katie: Arriving at camp and having people excited to see me.

Susan: Practicing for Co-Ed Show.


What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Sofi: When we went on our day trip; we canoed through a chain of lakes and saw really amazing things.

Gigi: I canoed the Wisconsin River and went to the Ropes Course.

Andrea: Our day trip across the Wisconsin River and having a GREAT time!

Lydia: I went on a TP Trail Ride with 4th hour riding class.

Sarah: I danced in the Co-Ed Show and canoed the Wisconsin River.

Betsy: I went on a TP trail ride, which was fun.  I rode a horse named, Mitch, which I thought was funny.

Jenna: When we canoed on the Wisconsin River.

Katie: Our day trip on the Wisconsin River as a CIT group.

Susan: Canoeing the Wisconsin River on our day trip.


Describe an achievement for which you are most proud:

Sofi: Passing levels and doing good in sailing, learning more in every activity.

Gigi: Being a CIT and learning new things about how to be a counselor.

Andrea: Passing my archery level and getting qualifiers in archery and riflery.

Lydia: Being in first hour advanced riding.

Sarah: Being a good CIT and working for my Spurs level in riding.

Betsy: Going to the ropes course and trying everything; it was scary, but at least I tried.

Jenna: Passing my kneeling levels in riflery; now I am standing.

Katie: Passing my Bar I in riflery.

Susan: Passing my Black Archer, a level I worked on for a long time and then passing my Blue Yoeman in one day.


What did you learn most about yourself?

Sofi: I trust myself and just go for it; I don’t think it through – I just take a big breath and do it.

Gigi: That I always have to believe in myself and be confident.

Andrea: I am capable of doing many things that I could not realize I was capable of.

Lydia: I learned about being a responsible counselor.

Sarah: I need to have patience with myself.

Betsy: I learned that I can depend on other people when I am doubting myself and that I like swimming.

Jenna: Understanding that it is OK to be myself and to accept everyone for who they are.

Katie: I can handle new responsibilities.

Susan: I learned that I can dance (sort of).