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Reunion Rap #2


Sunrise 2016

More camper updates from the Chicago reunion!

Favorite thing about school:

Viv: more freedom in Middle School

Lauren: new teachers and some new friends

Lilli: hanging with my friends and volleyball

Irene: I LOVE lunchtime!

Izzi: Thanksgiving break!


Tamarack 2016

Favorite thing about school:

Ameilia: meeting new people and making new friends

Cayley: my classes and my teachers; I get to go to Canada in February for a field trip

Sam: meeting new people and enjoying high school

Molly: meeting all of my new friends

Kelly: meeting new friends

Paula: the friends I have made


Starshine 2016

Activities (when not in school):

Viv: swimming and English horseback riding

Lauren: crafts, trampoline, babysitting, dance, baking/cooking

Lilli: volleyball and tennis

Abbey: meeting new people at New Trier

Irene: volleyball

Izzi: poms and guitar


Emy (alum) and Viv

Activities (when not in school):

Ameilia: cross-country & track, I sing and dance

Cayley: volleyball and going to the beach to swim

Sam: soccer and playing tennis for fun

Molly: horseback riding

Kelly: swimming, soccer

Paula: swimming and running


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Viv: how to sail and how much fun it is!

Lauren: how to share a room with 8 other people

Lilli: how to sail and sing the Woodland song

Abbey: stage crew and musical theatre

Irene: riflery

Izzi: how to shoot a bow


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Ameilia: how to bond and make memories with the other girls you spend the summer with

Cayley: I learned to always try new things no matter how scared you are because you might end up liking it

Sam: leadership skills, being outgoing and making new friends

Molly: how to shoot a bow

Kelly: riflery

Paula: how to live with 8 girls in one cabin and share the same bathroom


Staff 2016

Reunion Rap #1 2016


As you can see, we had a FABULOUS turn out for the annual Chicago reunion the weekend before Thanksgiving!  In a series of blogs in the upcoming weeks, we will give you an update about the Woodland girls who joined us for the afternoon to watch the 2016 camp video, flip through the new scrapbook, relive camp memories, and of course, to eat yummy treats.  Thank you to our long distance travelers for joining us from Iowa, Boston, Florida, and Mexico!  If we were not able to connect with you at this event, please feel free to share your news with us for a future post.



Favorite thing about school:

Ava: my teacher is super nice and fun!

Lou: my teachers and awesome, and I love my friends

Lizzy: all of my friends and just having fun all of the time

Lucy: debate team

Katie: having tons of classes and having lots of friends in all of them; I also like having different teachers for everything

Tori: participating in Snowflake (a drug-free alcohol awareness program that shows you can have fun without drugs)

Molly: being with all of my friends

Bunny: being with my friends



Activities (when not in school):

Ava: spending time with family and friends, singing, acting, and I LOVE rock climbing!

Lou: playing guitar and sewing

Lizzy: rock climbing and swimming

Lucy: drawing and writing my own stories

Katie: playing soccer on various teams and playing the violin

Tori: horseback riding, violin

Molly: running and I would like to try field hockey

Bunny: triathlon training and volleyball



What is something you learned at camp that you can’t learn anywhere else?

Ava: how to sleep in a tent with 7 other girls!

Lou: archery and riflery

Lizzy: how to learn and love more, how to be flexible in all ways, and much more. Thank you, Woodland!

Lucy: how to shoot (target sports)

Katie: to really be myself and people will like you – it is awesome when you learn to do that

Tori: I made friends that I wouldn’t have met outside of camp; I also learned how to shoot and kneeboard

Molly: to be myself & not care what anyone else thinks and to have fun

Bunny: sailing and singing the Woodland song



Stay tuned for more reunion news in future blog posts!

Happy Thanksgiving from Tamarack!


Best Moments from Tamarack:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Bianca: I will never forget our canoe trip.

Barbie: Gold Rush because all whole cabin worked as a team and cheered for each other.

Fer: Seeing my cabin mates when I arrived at camp and making new friends.

Irene: When our whole cabin went to the Aqua Tramp at TP – we had so much fun and laughed so hard!

Abbey: Lip Sync Contest

Adri: Our canoe trip because we bonded, dance parties in the cabin, and the Aqua Tramp.

Isabella: Winning 2nd place in Song Contest.

Anna: Riding Henry and Yeller…I have lots of unforgettable moments!

Lilli: Some of my cabin mates talking in their sleep.


What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Bianca: I went to the Ropes Course and had a lot of fun.

Barbie: In Riding when we started to learn how to canter and in lap swim because at first I didn’t think that I would be able to make it to Cathy’s, but I did.  Everything is possible!

Fer: Going to the Ropes Course and trying new things like kneeboarding.

Irene: I went to the Ropes Course and had no regrets!

Abbey: Ropes Course

Adri: Going to the Ropes Course and trying everything there – I challenged myself to keep going!

Isabella: Going on the Human Slingshot at the Ropes Course.

Anna: I tried a lot of stuff I’ve never done (sailing, canoeing, Farm Zoo, etc).

Lilli: I went tubing with Bianca.


What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Bianca: Getting to the top of the “vertical playground” at the Ropes Course.

Barbie: Finishing my laps and getting to go to Cathy’s for ice cream!

Fer: Passing levels in archery and swimming.

Irene: Passing level 5 in swimming was a big accomplishment for me!

Abbey: getting a perfect bulls-eye.

Adri: Dropping a ski and pushing myself to get better.

Isabella: Passing out of level 4 in swimming.

Anna: Learning how to trot in riding.

Lilli: I learned how to sail.


What is the thing you learned most about yourself?

Bianca: That I am an individual and it is OK to be different from the other girls in my cabin.

Barbie: That you have to believe in yourself and see the positive things every day!

Fer: In a positive way, I can do anything.

Irene: I have to work hard and really push myself to finish or pass something.

Abbey: Winning is not quitting and losing is giving up.

Adri: To look at the positive side of things and not to expect so much – just try your best.

Isabella: I am willing to try new things even if I may be scared or not like it.

Anna: I have to start standing up for myself more.

Lilli: I learned to be more inclusive of others.


Choose Camp Woodland!


I’m sure it goes without saying that you have seen your share of political ads over the past several weeks and months. More than likely, these ads are telling you something about the choices you should make on November 8th.  So, instead of advising you who to vote for, we would like to give you a better choice this year. We want you to CHOOSE CAMP!


Here at Camp Woodland, we actually care about the thing that most politicians only pretend to pay attention to – your kids and your family. Our goal in what we to do is to help kids get outside and explore nature, to make new friends and connect with their peers face-to-face instead of through a screen, and to try new things and gain confidence. Regardless of who you vote for, make a great choice, CHOOSE CAMP! We hope to see you this summer!

We are Camp Woodland and we approve this message.

(inspired by Camp Ocean Pines’ video)

Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Starshine, Hilltop, Aquarius, and Live-In CIT’s


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our oldest cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:


Sofia: My cabin – we had so much fun and had great experiences together. We have memories that will last forever.

Sam: Branching out, meeting new people, keeping old friends, and growing close.

Amelia: All the friendships I have made clicked this summer. The new and old friends grew even closer this summer.

Kelly: My cabin – we are all best friends and get along really well. We all support each other and have great times as a whole cabin.

Paula: My friends this summer because of all the singing, laughs, inside jokes, and all the memories we made together.

Valentina: To me, everything clicked this summer: my friends, my goals, and my achievements. This has been the best summer of my life!

Cayley: Everything: my cabin, my activities, my awesome counselors, and our canoe trip. This summer was perfect!

Molly: My friendships, activities, goals – everything clicked. This summer was perfect!



Parker: It clicked that there are so many amazing people and friends here that make camp feel like home.

Cameron: Passing out of level 6 in swimming!

Emilie: Making a whole bunch of new friends – they all clicked. Archery, Riflery, and Riding clicked with me as well.

Stefi: I made a lot of new friends that will be with me all of the time.

Fer: I made friends that will last for a lifetime; they know my secrets, give me advice, and are there for me when I need it.

Jae: Seeing my friends from last year and having it be the way we left from the previous year and making new friends.

Molly: I learned how to play tennis, which I had never played before.



Sofi: Everything! My cabin is amazing and I love it. Being a CIT is also amazing! I have had a really good time.

Gigi: Even though my camp friends and I had been apart for a really long time, when we came back to camp, it felt like we never left. We clicked back into place.

Andrea: I tried sailing after being afraid of it for many years. I overcame my fear!

Lydia: When we had CIT hour, I learned about being a responsible counselor.

Sarah: Being with my cabin and understanding how to be a good counselor.

Betsy: My pen! (JK) I have gotten more proficient with the breaststroke this summer.

Jenna: My cabin and becoming closer with all the CIT’s.

Katie: My cabin.

Susie: My cabin really clicked this summer.


Live-In CIT’s:

Sofia: My group of friends; we became so much closer this summer, and I don’t know how I lived without them before camp.

Chelsea: I clicked with balancing being a CIT and having camper and counselor responsibilities. I have learned that I am ready to take on new responsibilities next year.

Elena: Living with a younger cabin clicked for me as I know it will next year when I am a counselor.

Daphne: I can successfully live with a cabin of younger girls and that is what I will have to do as a counselor.

Colette: Co-Ed Show clicked!

Arantxa: My Sunnyside cabin – I got to know them and care for them.