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Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Starshine, Hilltop, Aquarius, and Live-In CIT’s


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our oldest cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:


Sofia: My cabin – we had so much fun and had great experiences together. We have memories that will last forever.

Sam: Branching out, meeting new people, keeping old friends, and growing close.

Amelia: All the friendships I have made clicked this summer. The new and old friends grew even closer this summer.

Kelly: My cabin – we are all best friends and get along really well. We all support each other and have great times as a whole cabin.

Paula: My friends this summer because of all the singing, laughs, inside jokes, and all the memories we made together.

Valentina: To me, everything clicked this summer: my friends, my goals, and my achievements. This has been the best summer of my life!

Cayley: Everything: my cabin, my activities, my awesome counselors, and our canoe trip. This summer was perfect!

Molly: My friendships, activities, goals – everything clicked. This summer was perfect!



Parker: It clicked that there are so many amazing people and friends here that make camp feel like home.

Cameron: Passing out of level 6 in swimming!

Emilie: Making a whole bunch of new friends – they all clicked. Archery, Riflery, and Riding clicked with me as well.

Stefi: I made a lot of new friends that will be with me all of the time.

Fer: I made friends that will last for a lifetime; they know my secrets, give me advice, and are there for me when I need it.

Jae: Seeing my friends from last year and having it be the way we left from the previous year and making new friends.

Molly: I learned how to play tennis, which I had never played before.



Sofi: Everything! My cabin is amazing and I love it. Being a CIT is also amazing! I have had a really good time.

Gigi: Even though my camp friends and I had been apart for a really long time, when we came back to camp, it felt like we never left. We clicked back into place.

Andrea: I tried sailing after being afraid of it for many years. I overcame my fear!

Lydia: When we had CIT hour, I learned about being a responsible counselor.

Sarah: Being with my cabin and understanding how to be a good counselor.

Betsy: My pen! (JK) I have gotten more proficient with the breaststroke this summer.

Jenna: My cabin and becoming closer with all the CIT’s.

Katie: My cabin.

Susie: My cabin really clicked this summer.


Live-In CIT’s:

Sofia: My group of friends; we became so much closer this summer, and I don’t know how I lived without them before camp.

Chelsea: I clicked with balancing being a CIT and having camper and counselor responsibilities. I have learned that I am ready to take on new responsibilities next year.

Elena: Living with a younger cabin clicked for me as I know it will next year when I am a counselor.

Daphne: I can successfully live with a cabin of younger girls and that is what I will have to do as a counselor.

Colette: Co-Ed Show clicked!

Arantxa: My Sunnyside cabin – I got to know them and care for them.


Less Back to School and More End of Summer


I recently skimmed a blog written by a Mom who was telling the story about her son’s last first day of school (he is a senior). Through her nostalgic sentiments, she listed 3 things that she felt that she did right during her son’s school years and 3 things she wished she could do over. The third point on the latter list is the one that jumped out at me and prompted me to write this blog. So, I guess you could say that I am writing a blog about a blog!


One of the things that this author would do over if she could is have “less back to school and more summer.”  I realize that as I write this and Labor Day is just around the corner, there are many students who have already had their back to school moment. So, for those of you who are still anticipating this big day, get out there and enjoy the end of summer (fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd this year) or least enjoy the weekend!

arts and crafts

Being both a camp professional and an educator, my mind started to ponder the question of which day, 1st day of camp or 1st day of school, brings the most excitement?  To me, this is a no brainer! The first day of camp absolutely brings the most excitement! Back in the days when I was teacher full-time, I always had my car packed and pointed north so that I could head to Wisconsin the minute my principal gave me the go ahead to leave.  And, I can tell you that I was NEVER in a hurry to return home and get ready for another school year!


I also know for a fact that Woodland girls begin counting down to the start of camp for the following year the day they drive or fly home in August. How many students do you know count down the days till school begins again in the fall when they have the entire summer ahead of them? Not I said the fly! I can’t imagine counting down the days until the first math or history test!

log rolling

Since we are completely immersed in the spirit of summer during camp, why not bring some of that same spirit home and enjoy the pleasures of camp while at home?! It is highly unlikely that you will need to use all of the paper, markers, and glue sticks on the required supply list on the first day or even during the first week of school. The alternative possibilities to shopping and fighting the crowds for school supplies are endless (and WAY MORE FUN)!


Here are some things to put on your list to have MORE END OF SUMMER:

1) do a fun arts & crafts project

2) play tennis with a friend

3) enjoy a rest hour (take a nap!)

4) write a letter to one of your camp friends (and mail it the old fashioned way!)

5) go to Rec Swim (find the nearest pool or lake and take a dip!)


6) eat Canteen (take along your favorite 4th or 5th hour snack)

7) go on a hike or do a nature activity

8) sing songs after dinner

9) have a scoop (or two) of Blue Moon ice cream and imagine you are at Cathy’s

10) sleep in a tent in your backyard and look up at the stars & moon


From my chair at a favorite Florida beach,


canoe trip

Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Sunrise, Driftwood and Tamarack


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our middle three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:


Emily: Archery.

Lauren: Trotting in horseback riding.

Libby: Friends, food, and activities.

Xime: Everything clicked for me this summer. BEST SUMMER EVER!!

Amelia: The relationships with my cabin mates.

Becky: Everyone here has been so friendly, and it was great to meet everyone. I made a lot of new friends and had a lot of new experiences in just 6 weeks!



Bunny: I understand how to sail and the different parts of a boat.

Valentina: All of my friends – old and new friends.

Valeria: Meeting new people, having new friends, the canoe trip across the lake…I love it!

Tory: I learned how to canter properly.

Rachel: Getting really close with all of my cabin mates.



Bianca: Making new friends.

Barbie: To push yourself and that if you fight for it, you will get it (passing levels or swimming laps to Cathy’s).

Fer: I can’t imagine what I would be like if I didn’t come to camp!

Irene: I have realized that camp has helped me with everything and has shaped me into the person I am.

Abbey: I grew at Camp Woodland to be who I am now.

Izzi: Me and all my friends “clicked” and we have a lot of inside jokes.

Adri: To push yourself.

Anna: Learning to ride better.

Lilli: I finally learned how to dive!


A Toast to Woodland Staff


Now that the summer is over and camping days all through;

We’d like to express our appreciation and say THANK YOU!!!

For the many times you lent a camper your helping hand;

For Lip Sync and Song Contest you tirelessly did plan.

CW water fight

For tucking campers into bed each and every night;

And helping them to overcome a small or large and scary fright.

For singing all those crazy camp songs;

Or just helping girls try to get along.

Grace and Jackie

For taking campers on really awesome canoe trips;

And teaching girls to ride and giving them tennis tips.

For searching high and low for a gold painted rock;

Or helping campers dive from Woodland’s very own dock.

Caroline and Mera

For going along to Cathy’s and eating a scoop or two;

(A counselor’s example is something important for all to do!)

For the spirit displayed at Olympics and Saturday night shows;

The difference you made? Sometimes you’ll just never know!


For zany campfires and wild things done to your hair;

For all the little things you did to show you really care.

For being hostess, making coffee, and just being on the ball;

For putting your arm around a child, a simple gesture said it all.

Grace and Sofia

So here is a toast for everything you do;

From the bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU!

From taco bar to lasagna, we had amazing food to eat;

The kitchen staff worked hard to keep us going on our feet.


For Chet this was year thirty-three and he knows all;

“It’s not about me” was his famous call.

Amy was our nurse for a second summer this year;

 We are grateful for her smile and words of good cheer.

Chet and Amy

Everything Clicked at Woodland in 2016;

Cheers to the super star counselors – our dream team!

Jess taught girls to swim and dive, yes it is true;

Alexis led us in animal care at Farm Zoo.


Jackie was at the beach and gave the Silver Birch girls lots of TLC;

While Grace was flipping, riding and sailing and could do it all you see.


Katelyn could be found at the barn and helping campers take aim;

Fer had talents in crafts and dance and to camp we are glad she came.


Claire sailed on the high seas and had campers run laps at night;

While Sofia taught dance moves and her creativity is out of sight.


Paige drove the crash boat and hoisted many a sail up a mast;

Jenny was queen of the courts and Woodland plays were such a blast.


Ana escorted girls to Mass and calls to Mexico she did make;

Ceci spent most of her days at the beach on Sand Lake.


Tori and the Starshine girls did just fine;

Regina scored targets and always kept her campers in line.


Mera had a love for overnight camping and wet canoe trips;

To the archery range and canoe dock Caroline did skip.

Grace was up and at ‘em early and took care of her campers at the barn;

Then up the hill she went to share her wit and charm.


For Natalie there is nothing this girl can’t do;

Add Sara to the mix and they made quite a crew.

Thanks to Calla and program notes we knew just what to do;

We can’t forget about Olympics and Co-Ed Show, too.


For all this and more we THANK YOU for everything you’ve done;

Without you at Woodland summer days wouldn’t have been as much fun!

Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Treetops, Silver Birch and Sunnyside

Posted by on August 9, 2016


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our youngest three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:


Eleanora: working together – teamwork.

Ava: When I tried so many new things, I realized that sometimes you just need to go for it and have fun!

Lilah: I made some new friends.

Lizzy: My relationships with other people.

Brooke & Lou: Losing a tooth!

Dani: My cabin mates, CIT’s and counselors.

Maya: I had lots of fun with my friends.



Lizzy: My cabin mates, everyone at camp, my counselors, the lake, everything!

Maria: Having fun!

Paloma: Riflery really clicked for me.

Katherine: Sailing and riding clicked for me this summer; I looked forward to them every day. I feel fearless when shooting!

Ellie: The funny cabin mates and trying new things.

Alex: Having fun and enjoying camp.

Eva: Riding was really fun for me. I was good in riding because I really liked my horse, and I learned a lot of new things about horses.

Tess: I did great in Archery.

Valentina: I had lots of fun with my friends.

Anika: Something that went well for me was trying to pass out swimming lessons.

Silver Birch


Tori: I really enjoyed Riflery, and I passed my Pro-marksman!

Isa: My new friends, my cabin, the people around camp (they are really nice), and this new summer.

Jackie: Earning two qualifiers in Archery on the same day!

Ana Elisa: That everyone is different and that is how we are special. Making friendships at camp is worth it.

Molly: Everything: my cabinmates, the counselors, activities, goals and achievements. It all clicks!

Aubrie: I was able to do both Riding and Drama for the last session even though there was a conflict. We were able to find a compromise.

Lucy: I absolutely love everyone I have met here!

Katie: Meeting lots of new people.

Viv: That I loved camp so much!