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Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Treetops, Silver Birch and Sunnyside

Posted by on August 9, 2016


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our youngest three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:


Eleanora: working together – teamwork.

Ava: When I tried so many new things, I realized that sometimes you just need to go for it and have fun!

Lilah: I made some new friends.

Lizzy: My relationships with other people.

Brooke & Lou: Losing a tooth!

Dani: My cabin mates, CIT’s and counselors.

Maya: I had lots of fun with my friends.



Lizzy: My cabin mates, everyone at camp, my counselors, the lake, everything!

Maria: Having fun!

Paloma: Riflery really clicked for me.

Katherine: Sailing and riding clicked for me this summer; I looked forward to them every day. I feel fearless when shooting!

Ellie: The funny cabin mates and trying new things.

Alex: Having fun and enjoying camp.

Eva: Riding was really fun for me. I was good in riding because I really liked my horse, and I learned a lot of new things about horses.

Tess: I did great in Archery.

Valentina: I had lots of fun with my friends.

Anika: Something that went well for me was trying to pass out swimming lessons.

Silver Birch


Tori: I really enjoyed Riflery, and I passed my Pro-marksman!

Isa: My new friends, my cabin, the people around camp (they are really nice), and this new summer.

Jackie: Earning two qualifiers in Archery on the same day!

Ana Elisa: That everyone is different and that is how we are special. Making friendships at camp is worth it.

Molly: Everything: my cabinmates, the counselors, activities, goals and achievements. It all clicks!

Aubrie: I was able to do both Riding and Drama for the last session even though there was a conflict. We were able to find a compromise.

Lucy: I absolutely love everyone I have met here!

Katie: Meeting lots of new people.

Viv: That I loved camp so much!