Camp Woodland Blog

A Toast to Woodland Staff


Now that the summer is over and camping days all through;

We’d like to express our appreciation and say THANK YOU!!!

For the many times you lent a camper your helping hand;

For Lip Sync and Song Contest you tirelessly did plan.

CW water fight

For tucking campers into bed each and every night;

And helping them to overcome a small or large and scary fright.

For singing all those crazy camp songs;

Or just helping girls try to get along.

Grace and Jackie

For taking campers on really awesome canoe trips;

And teaching girls to ride and giving them tennis tips.

For searching high and low for a gold painted rock;

Or helping campers dive from Woodland’s very own dock.

Caroline and Mera

For going along to Cathy’s and eating a scoop or two;

(A counselor’s example is something important for all to do!)

For the spirit displayed at Olympics and Saturday night shows;

The difference you made? Sometimes you’ll just never know!


For zany campfires and wild things done to your hair;

For all the little things you did to show you really care.

For being hostess, making coffee, and just being on the ball;

For putting your arm around a child, a simple gesture said it all.

Grace and Sofia

So here is a toast for everything you do;

From the bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU!

From taco bar to lasagna, we had amazing food to eat;

The kitchen staff worked hard to keep us going on our feet.


For Chet this was year thirty-three and he knows all;

“It’s not about me” was his famous call.

Amy was our nurse for a second summer this year;

 We are grateful for her smile and words of good cheer.

Chet and Amy

Everything Clicked at Woodland in 2016;

Cheers to the super star counselors – our dream team!

Jess taught girls to swim and dive, yes it is true;

Alexis led us in animal care at Farm Zoo.


Jackie was at the beach and gave the Silver Birch girls lots of TLC;

While Grace was flipping, riding and sailing and could do it all you see.


Katelyn could be found at the barn and helping campers take aim;

Fer had talents in crafts and dance and to camp we are glad she came.


Claire sailed on the high seas and had campers run laps at night;

While Sofia taught dance moves and her creativity is out of sight.


Paige drove the crash boat and hoisted many a sail up a mast;

Jenny was queen of the courts and Woodland plays were such a blast.


Ana escorted girls to Mass and calls to Mexico she did make;

Ceci spent most of her days at the beach on Sand Lake.


Tori and the Starshine girls did just fine;

Regina scored targets and always kept her campers in line.


Mera had a love for overnight camping and wet canoe trips;

To the archery range and canoe dock Caroline did skip.

Grace was up and at ‘em early and took care of her campers at the barn;

Then up the hill she went to share her wit and charm.


For Natalie there is nothing this girl can’t do;

Add Sara to the mix and they made quite a crew.

Thanks to Calla and program notes we knew just what to do;

We can’t forget about Olympics and Co-Ed Show, too.


For all this and more we THANK YOU for everything you’ve done;

Without you at Woodland summer days wouldn’t have been as much fun!