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Less Back to School and More End of Summer


I recently skimmed a blog written by a Mom who was telling the story about her son’s last first day of school (he is a senior). Through her nostalgic sentiments, she listed 3 things that she felt that she did right during her son’s school years and 3 things she wished she could do over. The third point on the latter list is the one that jumped out at me and prompted me to write this blog. So, I guess you could say that I am writing a blog about a blog!


One of the things that this author would do over if she could is have “less back to school and more summer.”  I realize that as I write this and Labor Day is just around the corner, there are many students who have already had their back to school moment. So, for those of you who are still anticipating this big day, get out there and enjoy the end of summer (fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd this year) or least enjoy the weekend!

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Being both a camp professional and an educator, my mind started to ponder the question of which day, 1st day of camp or 1st day of school, brings the most excitement?  To me, this is a no brainer! The first day of camp absolutely brings the most excitement! Back in the days when I was teacher full-time, I always had my car packed and pointed north so that I could head to Wisconsin the minute my principal gave me the go ahead to leave.  And, I can tell you that I was NEVER in a hurry to return home and get ready for another school year!


I also know for a fact that Woodland girls begin counting down to the start of camp for the following year the day they drive or fly home in August. How many students do you know count down the days till school begins again in the fall when they have the entire summer ahead of them? Not I said the fly! I can’t imagine counting down the days until the first math or history test!

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Since we are completely immersed in the spirit of summer during camp, why not bring some of that same spirit home and enjoy the pleasures of camp while at home?! It is highly unlikely that you will need to use all of the paper, markers, and glue sticks on the required supply list on the first day or even during the first week of school. The alternative possibilities to shopping and fighting the crowds for school supplies are endless (and WAY MORE FUN)!


Here are some things to put on your list to have MORE END OF SUMMER:

1) do a fun arts & crafts project

2) play tennis with a friend

3) enjoy a rest hour (take a nap!)

4) write a letter to one of your camp friends (and mail it the old fashioned way!)

5) go to Rec Swim (find the nearest pool or lake and take a dip!)


6) eat Canteen (take along your favorite 4th or 5th hour snack)

7) go on a hike or do a nature activity

8) sing songs after dinner

9) have a scoop (or two) of Blue Moon ice cream and imagine you are at Cathy’s

10) sleep in a tent in your backyard and look up at the stars & moon


From my chair at a favorite Florida beach,


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