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Reunion Rap #2


Sunrise 2016

More camper updates from the Chicago reunion!

Favorite thing about school:

Viv: more freedom in Middle School

Lauren: new teachers and some new friends

Lilli: hanging with my friends and volleyball

Irene: I LOVE lunchtime!

Izzi: Thanksgiving break!


Tamarack 2016

Favorite thing about school:

Ameilia: meeting new people and making new friends

Cayley: my classes and my teachers; I get to go to Canada in February for a field trip

Sam: meeting new people and enjoying high school

Molly: meeting all of my new friends

Kelly: meeting new friends

Paula: the friends I have made


Starshine 2016

Activities (when not in school):

Viv: swimming and English horseback riding

Lauren: crafts, trampoline, babysitting, dance, baking/cooking

Lilli: volleyball and tennis

Abbey: meeting new people at New Trier

Irene: volleyball

Izzi: poms and guitar


Emy (alum) and Viv

Activities (when not in school):

Ameilia: cross-country & track, I sing and dance

Cayley: volleyball and going to the beach to swim

Sam: soccer and playing tennis for fun

Molly: horseback riding

Kelly: swimming, soccer

Paula: swimming and running


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Viv: how to sail and how much fun it is!

Lauren: how to share a room with 8 other people

Lilli: how to sail and sing the Woodland song

Abbey: stage crew and musical theatre

Irene: riflery

Izzi: how to shoot a bow


What is something you learned at camp that you couldn’t learn anywhere else?

Ameilia: how to bond and make memories with the other girls you spend the summer with

Cayley: I learned to always try new things no matter how scared you are because you might end up liking it

Sam: leadership skills, being outgoing and making new friends

Molly: how to shoot a bow

Kelly: riflery

Paula: how to live with 8 girls in one cabin and share the same bathroom


Staff 2016