Camp Woodland Blog

Happy Thanksgiving from Tamarack!


Best Moments from Tamarack:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Bianca: I will never forget our canoe trip.

Barbie: Gold Rush because all whole cabin worked as a team and cheered for each other.

Fer: Seeing my cabin mates when I arrived at camp and making new friends.

Irene: When our whole cabin went to the Aqua Tramp at TP – we had so much fun and laughed so hard!

Abbey: Lip Sync Contest

Adri: Our canoe trip because we bonded, dance parties in the cabin, and the Aqua Tramp.

Isabella: Winning 2nd place in Song Contest.

Anna: Riding Henry and Yeller…I have lots of unforgettable moments!

Lilli: Some of my cabin mates talking in their sleep.


What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Bianca: I went to the Ropes Course and had a lot of fun.

Barbie: In Riding when we started to learn how to canter and in lap swim because at first I didn’t think that I would be able to make it to Cathy’s, but I did.  Everything is possible!

Fer: Going to the Ropes Course and trying new things like kneeboarding.

Irene: I went to the Ropes Course and had no regrets!

Abbey: Ropes Course

Adri: Going to the Ropes Course and trying everything there – I challenged myself to keep going!

Isabella: Going on the Human Slingshot at the Ropes Course.

Anna: I tried a lot of stuff I’ve never done (sailing, canoeing, Farm Zoo, etc).

Lilli: I went tubing with Bianca.


What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Bianca: Getting to the top of the “vertical playground” at the Ropes Course.

Barbie: Finishing my laps and getting to go to Cathy’s for ice cream!

Fer: Passing levels in archery and swimming.

Irene: Passing level 5 in swimming was a big accomplishment for me!

Abbey: getting a perfect bulls-eye.

Adri: Dropping a ski and pushing myself to get better.

Isabella: Passing out of level 4 in swimming.

Anna: Learning how to trot in riding.

Lilli: I learned how to sail.


What is the thing you learned most about yourself?

Bianca: That I am an individual and it is OK to be different from the other girls in my cabin.

Barbie: That you have to believe in yourself and see the positive things every day!

Fer: In a positive way, I can do anything.

Irene: I have to work hard and really push myself to finish or pass something.

Abbey: Winning is not quitting and losing is giving up.

Adri: To look at the positive side of things and not to expect so much – just try your best.

Isabella: I am willing to try new things even if I may be scared or not like it.

Anna: I have to start standing up for myself more.

Lilli: I learned to be more inclusive of others.