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2012 Olympic Finale – Video Highlights included

This morning we woke to cloudy skies but no Woodland dew in sight (big, big, sigh), and the Olympic teams were eager to resume their final morning of activities.  Right after breakfast, we had opening ceremonies.  The Olympic Committee chairman, Sara Fisher, gallantly paraded through the assembly area with captains from each team and lit the Olympic torch (like I said before, Woodland Olympics is a big deal).  As soon as the Torch was lit, everyone cheered, and the Roos and Pirates ran off to their assigned activities.  Each team was broken down by age group and competed against each other in water sports, track events, and field events.   The Caribbean Pirates and the Congo-Roos went neck and neck in each event.  The best moment of the day is when an older camper from the Pirates helped a younger camper from the Roos finish the grueling marathon.  Way to go Grace C. for your amazing Sportsmanship!!! 

The Olympic games finished by having an all-camp soccer match.  Everyone had a blast cheering on their teams in the field.  After an amazing morning of watching girls excel in their events and cheering on their teammates, the winners were announced at the closing ceremonies. 

Drum roll please………The winners of the 2012 Woodland Olympic Games went to the Caribbean Pirates and the Spirit stick went to the Republic of the Congo- Roos!!!! 

Check out this highlight reel of the Woodland Olympics: