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Alumni Corner – Hannah Hansen scoops on Camp Woodland

Hannah was one of our favorite Woodland Girls in the late 90’s and early 00’s. One of her favorite activities was drama! Read about Hannah’s years at Woodland and its impact. Hannah now teaches English in Korea!

Hannah eating ice cream in Korea

“I have to admit the summers I spent at Camp Woodland were the best of my life. The experiences from those summers has shaped me in ways some of which I cannot even describe. I am so thankful to the Jordan family for running this program. I sincerely miss my Woodland summers and hope to send my own children one day. If I could share one piece of advice to parents thinking about this program for their children: please do it. Your child will gain a sense of independence and maturity that can only be fostered in an environment away from their parents. Your child will grow and develop a sense of adventure that will unveil opportunities previously clouded from their view. I would not be half the person I am today if I had not experienced both the joys and heartbreaks afforded to me by this Camp. I grew up in Chicago and now live in South Korea, but my true home is in the North Woods at Camp Woodland.”

– Hannah

Hannah and her sister Margaret

Drumroll, please!

Announcing the 2013 
by Kim Wenzl Aycock
Every year a lot of thought goes into the summer theme; various people are consulted and many ideas are bounced around before the final decision is made.  This year is no exception!  We try to pick a theme that can tie into just about everything we do for the summer and one that has a message that will be long remembered once the camp season is over.

Recent themes from the past include, “Leave an Impression in 2011”, and last year’s was “A New View in 1-2”.  During pre-camp, the counselors think about what the theme means to them and how they can weave it into the fabric of the summer once the campers arrive.  So, without any further ado…

The 2013 Summer Theme is:

“All that WE can be in 1-3”

We would LOVE to hear from you and your thoughts about what the theme brings to mind and how we might bring it to life this summer. We would especially like to know what it could mean to each person as an individual and also what it looks like collectively as a camp family (that is the “WE” part).  Email your response to: