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Reunion Rap 2015


I realize that I am a little late posting this, but as we all know, December is always a crazy month no matter how hard we try not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays!  Many of you are probably spending this time with family and friends, so I feel that it is appropriate to update you all on the friends who gathered in Northbrook for the annual camp reunion last month.  If we were not able to connect with you at this event, please feel free to share your news with us for a future post!


Each camper shared activities when not in school, fun trips this year, and a lesson learned at camp that has been used at home or school:

Grace B: volunteering at Therapy Barn, Europe, learned what cysts on animals look like

Sofia S: tennis/choir, California, no “I can’ts”

Elena K: dance team/food taxi (service group helping to get food to those in need), determination and perseverance in school every day

Colette V (via Cayley): dance, Mexico to stay with Arantxa and performed with dance team in Macy’s Day Parade


Gigi D: riding, Mexico, teamwork

Claire S: volleyball, camp 2016, making new friends

Susie E: draw/write, always be yourself

Jenna K: dance, Mexico, friendship


Molly A: gymnastics, Pennsylvania/Florida, how to be organized

Irene M: volleyball, Spain, staying in touch with people

Molly J: volleyball/riding, One Direction concert, making new friends

Kelly J: soccer, Mexico, making new friends

Cayley V: volleyball, New York City, enthusiasm


Amelia K: dance/singing/choir, Florida, how to treat other people

Sam M: soccer, Florida, open to meeting new people

Jae S: skating, Nevada, trying new things


Neomi S: Tennis, Wisconsin/Hilton Head Island, courage to raise my hand in class

Rachel P: dance/tennis, moving to a new house from Highland Park to Lake Forest, friendship

Libby B: tennis, Woodland 2016!, making new friends

Claire P: sail, Iowa, teamwork and trying new things


Lou D: guitar lessons/sewing class, Colorado/Mexico, friendship

Molly K: running/writing, Michigan/Florida, trying new things and making new friends

Lilah D: Welcome to Woodland 2016!

Jackie J: paddle tennis, Mexico, making new friends





December 7, 2015 – International Camp Woodland T-shirt Day!

Molly ACelebrate 200 days until camp with us by participating in our first annual International Camp Woodland T-shirt day! Camp Woodland campers, parents, and staff are encouraged to post a photo to Instagram using #woodlandtshirtday on  Decemeber 7, 2015.  Everyone who participates will be eligible to win new camp gear.   Don’t have instagram? Here are a few ideas to celebrate International Camp Woodland t-shirt day:

  • Snap a photo or your camper wearing  their camp gear to school and email it to:! (still be eligible to win camp clothing)
  • Post camp t-shirt photo as your Facebook Profile pictue
  • Post it on your Pinterest Site

Click on our Photo gallery to look for great photos of your children from past summers:

All you have to do is: 1– find your picture, 2– download it by clicking the download tab on the bottom right of the photo, 3-Post it this Monday, December 7, 2015!