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Happy Halloween from Tamarack!

Here is a little more about Tamarack:

What was the highlight of your summer?

Valentina: being with all of my friends and having lots of fun!!!

Lauren: spending time with my cabinmates and meeting new friends

Tory: getting to see all of my friends and doing all of the fun activities at camp

Ximena: being together as a group with my cabin because last summer we were in two separate cabins

Maitane: having so much fun and making new friends

Lilli: capsizing a mini-fish twice with Lauren while TP was visiting

Libby: trying a bunch of new activities this summer

Rachel: group cantering and passing my levels

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Valentina: I liked that I could pass levels and I was able to play with all of my friends.

Lauren: doing my activities and being able to pick them

Tory: by trying new activities and having fun

Ximena: trying new things, being with my friends, doing games and activities

Maitane: that I am now more independent because my parents are not here

Lilli: I didn’t focus on passing levels, I just tried to have fun

Libby: having fun, living with my best friends, and going full out during camp activities and not caring what other people think

Rachel: getting to water-ski every day

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Valentina: shooting at 30 yards in archery passing to the next level on the 3rd day

Lauren: passing Black Yoeman in archery

Tory: passing my levels because it is a fun accomplishment

Ximena: doing all of the stuff for my levels

Maitane: being good at so many activities

Lilli: being selected for the riflery exchange with TP even if we didn’t win

Libby: remembering an entire dance routine for 2 sessions and passing two levels in tennis

Rachel: sitting on skis

What did you learn most about yourself?

Valentina: that if I have a goal, I try my best to accomplish it

Lauren: I’m not very good at sailing

Tory: camp helped me learn that I can do a lot more and still have fun

Ximena: I am really competitive, and if I want something, I will do everything possible to achieve it

Maitane: I can have a new experience without my parents

Lilli: to experience life in the moment and spend time with friends

Libby: I’m not afraid to try new things or look like a fool

Rachel: I am a very independent person