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Aquarius- The Costume Queens of Summer

October is one of the most popular months of the year. With the crisp autumn air, the beautiful shifting colors, and so many fun fall activities to do, what’s not to love about October? There is also Halloween at the end of the month that is fast approaching. It’s time to think about how to celebrate and, of course, what costume to WEAR! 

We all know that camp is one of the most magical places on Earth where you can truly be yourself, make amazing friends, and learn new skills. It is also a place where you can be goofy and celebrate in costume all summer long. We love coming up with different themes and dressing up for every occasion. It seems like every day is a holiday at Camp Woodland! 

Thanks to our super CIT’s who work so hard to plan special events, we get to be transported to different worlds and play the role of so many different characters throughout the summer. They are most definitely the “costume queens” around camp, so we thought it would be fitting to highlight the 2021 achievements of Aquarius, home of the CITs, this month:

In what ways did the SUN SHINE for you this summer?

Tori: Playing “touch the fence”, winning the marathon in Olympics, using spinnakers in sailing, getting to be a CIT, writing a Coed Show song, and getting to know the second years better.

Aubrie: Practicing Coed Show with my cabin, getting to see the stars so clearly, and meeting a ton of new people.

Katherine: I loved being a CIT this year and learning more about responsibility and working with others. 

Isa: I loved being a CIT, seeing the Northwoods stars every night with my friends, and learning the dance moves and lyrics for Coed Show.

Lucy: Riflery, Sail Race, and learning more about X-boats. I loved gaining proficiency with skills in these activities.

Molly: Being a CIT, reconnecting with my cabin, getting closer to the 2nd years, excelling in my activities.

Cos: My cabin, traditions, games, activities…EVERYTHING!

What took you by surprise this summer?

Tori: Practicing and being in the Coed Show was really fun. I loved doing themes and dressing up. I also loved the different songs and dances, and was really excited to put on a show for the camp.

Aubrie: Being a CIT is a bit different than what I imagined, but in the end I enjoyed it a lot.

Katherine: I really liked Song Contest. I felt like our performance was good and we worked well together.

Isa: I loved seeing everybody again and realizing that nothing has changed after two years. Another thing was being a CIT with my cabin mates and second years. I loved that.

Lucy: Sail Race was lots of fun despite my initial fears. I had more fun than I thought I would.

Molly: Riflery!! I thought I wouldn’t pass any levels and I ended up going for my 3rd.

Cos: The food. 🙂 

What were you able to do this summer that you couldn’t do over the past year?

Tori: Sail, play tennis, and I got to spend time with my camp friends who I haven’t seen in a while. Also skiing and wakeboarding. Having the responsibility of being a CIT and meeting new people since over the year I’ve only been with people I know.

Aubrie: I was able to ride, which not only is something I don’t get to do during the year, but I got to ride with camp friends which is something I can only do at camp.

Katherine: I was able to do CIT duties faster and take up less time. I managed my time better.

Isa: This year I was able to appreciate camp even more than past years. Having a summer without camp really helped me not to take it for granted. 

Lucy: Skipper a sailboat free of anxiety. Throwing myself into an activity that hits the ground running was scary, but helped me get enough experience to overcome any fears I’d had.

Molly: Sail, shoot, play “touch the fence”, sing camp songs, etc.! All the little camp traditions that I took for granted.

Cos: Being far away from home and speaking a lot of English.

What did you learn most about yourself?

Tori: My ability to be a leader and take initiative. Even if I’m scared to do something like be hostess, run a Sunday game, or skipper during sailing, I can do it if I put myself out there and try. It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all.

Aurbie: I tried a lot of new things this year which taught me that it is important to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Katherine: I learned about perseverance and the ability to keep going even when things seem hard.

Isa: This year being a CIT taught me a lot. I learned how to put others before me and how it’s super important asking for help and being there when people need help.

Lucy: I get frustrated easily, and I can use that frustration as proof that I care a lot about everything I do. I recognized that I have a need to explain things to make myself heard and understood.

Molly: That I’m able to accomplish a lot if I have the right mindset and that I’m a valuable friend and cabinmate, even if I don’t always remember it.

Cos: How capable I am and how much I love myself and my loved ones.


Summer Memories

by Maya S.

Winding roads lined with trees,
A pure source of happiness that surrounds me as I drive to my true home.
The home I can only be at for six weeks a year,
For my summer.

Six weeks is not enough time,
I bring back memories of laughter, tears, serotonin to my home in the real world,
But it is not the same.
Reminders of my perfect summer constantly fill the empty space around me.
Sunsets filled with vibrant colors paint a picture in my mind that I have seen before walking to my cabin from the lake each night.

A deck of cards brings back moments of trying to speak Spanish as my friends from Mexico teach me their favorite card games.
Winter fills my senses with the sentimental smell of pine needles that remind me of the nature I miss being surrounded by.
The sound of water rippling floods my mind with times spent sailing through the wind.

But at some point the sails ended up in irons, I am no longer able to sail.
North woods air has a somber chill all of a sudden,
Thunder crashes and I must leave the sailboat,
I don’t want to but I have to.

I know I must leave my home now.

I pack my photos to remember this happiness,
Hug my friends for a long time,
Tears mask almost everyone around me at this moment.
The seven, eight, nine year olds smiling at their parents,
Confused why everyone else is crying.
When they are older they will understand.

The mental pictures of my friends’ faces as we say goodbye for another year burned in my memory.
Faces I will tell story after story about to family, friends, and anyone who will listen.
Pictures I refuse to forget,
Thinking about them whenever my mind wanders.

So I go back to the real world,
With six weeks of memories to think about when I am nostalgic, hurting, content, or tired.
The long drive back on winding roads lined with trees,

No longer a source of happiness,
Now overwhelming grief as I travel farther and farther away from my home.

On a cold October night,
I am tired but can’t fall asleep.
The decision to look through the photo album in my mind has already been made.
I am no longer in need of sleep,
Seeing the smiling faces, laughing fits, and moments of joy I remember all too well.
Holding on to these memories for the rest of my life,
Memories I will never let go.