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Let’s Celebrate I HEART CAMP DAY!

Our favorite time of year (during the winter) is almost here!!  February 1st (this Tuesday) is National I Heart Camp Day! Help us spread the word on the importance of summer camp. Remember all those funny pictures we took of you with the “I heart Camp ” Poster over the past summers? Well, this Tuesday Camp Woodland campers, parents, staff, and alumni are encouraged to post their favorite “I heart Camp” photo as their Facebook Profile.

Don’t have Facebook? Here are a few ideas to show the world (or just your friends) how much camp means to you!

  • Instagram your photo! #Woodland4Girls #Iheartcamp
  • Print it out and hang your favorite photo on your fridge
  • Make it a screen saver on your computer
  • Use one of our virtual backgrounds for zoom meetings

Click the link to retrieve your daughter’s photos: I heart Camp Woodland Photos Link

Need your son’s photo too? Click the link to your son’s (Towering Pines) photos: I heart TP Photos link

All you have to do is: 1- find your picture, 2- download it by clicking the download tab on the bottom right of the photo, 3-Post it this Tuesday, February 1!

Check out our archives of I Heart Camp Day. It is fun to see how we have grown!:


Happy New Year from Treetops!

New year, new you! Hey, did you know It’s Cool to be YOU in 2022? Camp is all about growth and becoming your best self through new  experiences and relationships that can’t be found anywhere else. No one experiences a summer of firsts like our littlest campers, so we thought it would be fitting to share some of their thoughts on summer 2021 this month.

In what ways did the sun shine for you this summer?

Maggie: Getting camper of the day made me feel GREAT! But Lip Sync was so fun!

Lia: Lip Sync Contest because we won 3rd place and we made up a dance. The bog because it was bouncy.

Morgan: Going to the aqua trampoline, Olympics, gymnastics, Chaos and Destruction (the goats).

Roberta: Going on the aqua trampoline and heeling on the sailboat.

Clara: I learned a lot of new things and made new friends I had lots of fun and loved my counselors.

Masyn: Riding is so fun and I love swimming too.

Allyson: Arts and Crafts and Farm Zoo.

Olivia: Canoe trip and aqua trampoline.

Aria: When I first sailed, went around the lake on the knee board for the first time, meeting my cabin mates, and going to the aqua trampoline.

Amelia (CIT): Sail Race, my campers, teaching campers how to water ski, Coed Show.

What was something that took you by surprise and was better than you imagined?

Maggie: I thought I was going to be stuck in level 3, but I passed to level 4.

Lia: Fish Friday!

Morgan: My friend Maggie, Coco and Chanel (the dogs), sailing, and passing out of levels 3 and 4 in swimming.

Roberta: The aqua trampoline!

Clara: I did a handstand and a cartwheel and tried trotting.

Masyn: Drama is fun too because you get to do plays and do lights and make the background.

Allyson: The cabins

Olivia: The Aqua Tramp had a blob and the Canoe Trip because I haven’t camped in a while.

Aria: Olympics, aqua trampoline, Camp Birthday, clothesline.

Amelia (CIT): Something that took me by surprise was how close I became with my cabin group (2nd years).

What was something you were able to do that you have not been able to do over the past year?

Maggie: Archery, a round off, and trying new foods.

Lia: A cartwheel.

Morgan: Tennis, canoe, soccer, and Olympics.

Roberta: A front limber in gymnastics.

Clara: Archery and horseback riding.

Masyn: Tennis, dance, gymnastics, and riflery.

Allyson: Archery

Olivia: Front limber with the roller at gymnastics.

Aria: Sleeping in a cabin with friends.

Amelia (CIT): See my friends, forget about COVID, sail, etc…


What did you learn most about yourself?

Maggie: I can swim better than I thought I could.

Lia: That my ear hurts easily.

Morgan: Surviving in a cabin and don’t leave your buddy tag up.

Roberta: That I am a good sister.

Clara: I learned I liked stuff that I never thought I would have.

Masyn: In riding we learned how to begin to trot and go around the poles.

Allyson: That I am brave and strong!

Olivia: Never keep your buddy tag up unless you are swimming.

Aria: I can be very patient.

Amelia (CIT): I am resilient and a great leader.