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A Gift Guide for Your Woodland Girl

We love the Holiday season for all the reasons you might expect: spending time with friends and family, enjoying traditions new and old, the anticipation of the first snowfall of the year and all of the activities that come along with it.

Presents are always a big part of the festivities, and we care about them because to us, they are more than just “stuff.” When we gift generously and thoughtfully we demonstrate our love for other peoples’ joy.

In that spirit, we are sharing our gift guide for the Woodland Girl, where we’ve compiled our best ideas for meaningful presents to encourage growth and connection. Of course, experiencing camp is the best gift ever, but these are just a few extra ideas!

Gifts for Social/Emotional Growth

  • Our top recommendation? Nothing ever beats a trip to see her camp friends! Help her bridge the gap between summers by having a reunion with her favorite people mid-year.
  • Snail mail may be going out of fashion in the real world, but we still love it in our camp community! Help her flex those muscles with a set of personalized stationary or a return address stamp.
  • Put down your technology and laugh together with a family adventure book where you can scratch off challenges to complete together. After you’re done it becomes a crazy scrapbook of the memories you’ve created!
  • Jazz up your family game nights with a new one you can all enjoy. Check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf (it’s like camp-favorite Mafia!), Skyjo, or an escape room game. This blog post has LOTS more suggestions if you’re in the market!
  • What about giving her a beautiful shadowbox to store her sweetest camp memories? She can use it to display her wish boat candle, awards, a note from her counselor or cabin mate, or anything else that reminds her of her time spent with her camp family.
  • Or, how incredible would it be to create a Boom Box Keepsake Box for your girl, filled with encouragement, memories, and messages from her camp friends and counselors? It’s a gift anyone would treasure forever.
  • Table Topics are a classic, and we love this on-the-go version that will get your family connecting and sharing.

Gifts for Mental Growth

Gifts for Physical Growth

  • Recreate her favorite camp activities at home! Look for a shooting range, a pottery studio, or a gymnastics experience in your hometown. Bring the love of friendship bracelets home with some new craft supplies or string.
  • You can also gift her an upgraded accessory for next summer. Think a new tennis racquet, riding helmet or boots, a Crazy Creek, or camera to capture her favorite memories.
  • While calling this “growth” might be a stretch, Christmas is the perfect time  to get her some new camp apparel! You could also get her a new pair of Crocs! Or maybe a new backpack to carry around to activities.

Whatever gift you choose this Holiday season, your camper is sure to love he meaning and thoughtfulness behind it!

This blog is inspired by a North Carolina camp.