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A "Hurricane" of Activity (posted by Kim Wenzl Aycock)

Posted by on July 23, 2012

If Saturday was the “Eye of the Fun Storm”, then the hurricane of activity hit Camp Woodland on Friday and Sunday!  Friday night was Camp Woodland’s 43rd birthday celebration; campers and counselors looked extra spiffy for the occasion and the lodge was decked out with balloons and streamers to add to the festivity of the night.  Each camper made a special placemat that included a cabin picture, friendship quotes, a list of “my favorite things at camp”, and signatures from each cabin mate. Chef Dan and his crew decorated a special birthday cake to go along with our summer theme “A New View in 1-2”.
Following dinner, each person was recognized for her number of years at Woodland, and JoAnne and Susan gave special mementos to those who were marking a 5- or 10-year milestone.  There were ten 5-year recipients, and they were each given a Woodland pendant.  The three 10 year honorees received a cozy fleece blanket adorned with the Woodland logo.  Sunrise cabin invited all campers to come dressed in their pajamas for some birthday games outside following the celebration in the Lodge.  The campers played the machine game, had a sleeping bag relay, dressed their counselor in toilet paper, and did the water balloon toss.  A great time was had by all!
On Sunday we woke up to a pancake breakfast cookout thanks to the CIT’s.  Towering Pines hosted the afternoon event and the Woodland girls enjoyed spending TP dollars to play carnival games and eat tasty treats such as popcorn and homemade ice cream during the TP Fair.  It is a great day for brothers and sisters to reunite and new friendships to form.  Sunday’s are also a chance for riding the “big banana” and cooling off in Sand Lake during Rec Swim.  The campers watched “Night at the Museum Part 2” for Movie Night in the lodge. 

Looking ahead to the last two weeks of camp, there are many fun-filled events on the calendar such as Olympics, Woodland Fair, Co-Ed Show, and Final Banquet.  These activities will bring closure to the camp experience and their importance in the sequence of the Woodland summer is made possible because of the growth the campers have made in the preceding four weeks.  There is something exciting to look forward to every day at Camp Woodland!