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A Letter to Campers When They First Arrive at Camp

Posted by on June 30, 2015


The credit goes to Kid President for his inspiration on this blog post (taken from his You Tube video on a “A Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here”)!

Saturday, 70+ girls arrived at Camp Woodland.  Welcome! This is camp! It is a pretty cool place. There is lots to see, smell, and there are s’mores. There is so much to do: singing, dancing, and laughing. Laughing is the BEST. (Especially when milk comes out of your nose!).

Some days awesome things will happen. Some days you will get ice cream. Some days you won’t. Some days your kite will fly high. Some days it will get stuck in a tree. It’s just how it is.


There are plenty of reasons to dance – you just have to look for them. Don’t worry, though, you aren’t at camp alone. You are going to meet lots of cool people here.

Being a camper is hard sometimes. You should give each other high-5’s just for making it to breakfast. Just treat everyone like it is their birthday even if they don’t deserve it. We all mess-up sometimes. The biggest mess-up is not forgiving each other’s mess-ups. Maybe you will do sailing or horseback riding or arts and crafts . You might even get to pet one of the goats at the Zoo or try Log Rolling!

Molly Kunkle

It’s so, so much. It’s a lot. Try this. Take a deep breath. It is AMAZING. You’re going to do it a lot this summer. Enjoy it. Pay attention. Take brain pictures because amazing things will happen every day. You are going to do so much, but it’s not about what you do. It’s about WHO YOU ARE and you are AWESOME!


WE’RE REALLY GLAD YOU ARE HERE!  We need to say that a lot. Camp gets busy and you are important and you are going to do a lot and you’re going to smell great. But, don’t get too busy. Remember to let everyone know that you are glad they are here. You don’t have to remember this all right now. You are going to need a pep talk sometimes (that is what your counselors are for). That’s OK. For now, you’re here, you’re awesome, and you’re going to have a GREAT summer!!