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Adventure Awaits: Hilltop, Silver Birch, and Treetops

2018 was a summer where there were many ADVENTURES  to be had!  See what the campers from Hilltop, Silver Birch, and Treetops had to say about their FAVORITE adventure:

Catherine: going to the Aqua Tramp and playing Clue game

Lauren: ALMOST getting kicked off a horse (now he is my favorite horse!)

Brooke: canoe trip across the lake

Isabella: dropping a ski and going around the entire lake on one ski; I also loved our cabin’s canoe trip

Sofia: our cabin canoe trip because I had never done anything like that before and it was extremely fun

Maya: archery exchange at TP

Tess: the exchanges at TP; I was proud of getting picked to go, and I was nervous, but it was so much fun! I played well and was relaxed enough to have a good time.

Ava: trying sail race; I love to sail, and I had so much fun in sail race and learned so much this year

Annie: learning how to water-ski!  It was so hard, but when I finally got it, it was one of the best feelings!

Riley: knee boarding for the first time and our cabin canoe trip

Molly: I loved trying new activities and making a lot of friends

Lucy: I loved trying new things in sailing (like capsizing)

Ana: trying new things and meeting new people at both Woodland and TP

Katherine: our cabin canoe trip because even though it was raining, we still managed to have fun

Ari: canoe trip

Paloma: our canoe trip…I’m never forgetting that experience!

Ellie: I liked being able to help out at the barn

Monica: we went to pick blueberries and got stuck in the moss garden!

Molly: canoe trip and getting stuck on Sunny when the rudder broke

Tori: canoeing across the lake by myself (to pass advanced canoeing level)

Isa: I loved coming back and seeing all of my friends and spending time with them!  I loved that I got to know myself better and other people, too.  I loved “man overboard” – it was so much fun!

Valentina: riding through the trails with the horses

Caitlin: coming to camp – I love camp and had a lot of fun trying all of my activities

Makayla: trying canoeing for the first time