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April Showers Turn Into May Flowers

Posted by on May 9, 2016


Hilltop April Showers

Best Moments from Hilltop Summer 2015

Most proud:

Libby: when I did the correct canter; for a long time I wasn’t doing it right, but finally, I tried really hard and I felt very accomplished!

Tory: water-skiing! It is so fun…it is like standing on water!

Lou: I learned to trot by myself in riding

Rachel: when I got to canter for the first time while riding Henry

Ximena: I learned to trot by myself in riding

Dani: I made new friends

Hilltop Cabin Unity

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Libby: when all of my cabin mates took turns telling each other why they liked each other. It made me feel very special. I like spending time with my cabin during cabin night!

Tory: meeting friends and making memories

Lou: when we went to do the Aqua Tramp it was scary at first, but then it was a lot of fun when I tried it

Rachel: getting to live in Hilltop and meeting everyone in the cabin

Ximena: having this awesome cabin and going to the Aqua Tramp

Dani: I love all of the activities and the games!


The thing I learned most about myself:

Libby: I may be afraid to try things, but once I try, I’m not afraid anymore. For example, during Aqua Tramp, I was afraid to go on the Rave I finally did it, and it was FUN!

Tory: that I love Woodland and I have so much FUN! I can be crazy!

Lou: I am good at Arts & Crafts, Horseback Riding, and Riflery

Rachel: that I am a great friend and cabin mate

Ximena: that I am able to do things that I didn’t know I could do!

Dani: that I LOVE camp!


Starshine May Flowers

Best Moments from Starshine Summer 2015

Most proud:

Jae: I used to be afraid of tubing, but I tried it at camp, and I love it!

Jadyn: I got to make new friends and new memories

Paula: I passed 2 levels of water-skiing and earned Skipper in sailing

Cameron: passing my Blue Bowman in archery, which means I am one step closer to passing my Gold Archer

Sam: passing my Black Archer after trying for several weeks in archery

Amelia: learning how to water-ski

Sofia: learning to sail and passing levels in water-skiing

Starshine Cabin Unity

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Jae: meeting all of the amazing people that I am now friends with!

Jadyn: I got to spend time with new “buds” and old ones

Paula: making a lot of new friends and having a lot of inside jokes

Cameron: meeting and becoming friends with new people

Sam: meeting all of my friends here that I know I will have for life

Amelia: meeting all of my new friends and creating stronger bonds with the old ones. I also like making so many more memories with my cabin!

Sofia: meeting new friends that will last forever!


The thing I learned most about myself:

Jae: to accept who I am even with the flaws I have

Jadyn: I can accomplish anything with my friends around

Paula: to be independent and solve problems by myself

Cameron: that it is OK to try new things and to be open to meeting new people

Sam: even though I can get annoyed sometimes, I usually keep my cool

Amelia: that I am up for trying new things and meeting new people!

Sofia: I learned more about who I am