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Camp Packages

The big question parents are asking me is, “Lee, what type of package should I send my daughter”?  That is a very good question……We always recommend sending a package that all the girls in your daughter’s cabin can enjoy. This summer the girls are really into crafting.  Not just any crafting but with different colors of Duck Tape!  They have made bows for their hair and other really neat crafts.  I was even told that Towering Pines made wallets from different colors of duck tape. Pretty creative if you ask me!!  One summer a cabin was very into knitting and a parent sent up an entire box filled with beautiful colored yarn and knitting needles.  

The girls are also really into reading this summer and have a cabin book that is read to them every night before bed.  It might be fun to send a collection of your favorite children’s books that they would enjoy.

Campers also really love getting regular mail. They look forward to  a bunk note or even just a post card.  They love hearing their name called out in their cabin that  are special enough to receive a letter. 
If you have not signed up for bunk notes or want to learn more about it, please send me an email to:
Happy shopping and writing!