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Camp Reunion? More Like Family Reunion!

Special shout out to the ladies of  Sunnyside, especially Elena, for writing about the camper reunion!

DSC08952Before Thanksgiving, the campers and counselors gathered together for our annual Camp Reunion. There were lots of hugs to go around, memories to be shared, and things to be thankful for. It started off as usual: the running into cabin mates’ arms, seeing the Jordans’ smiling faces, and the feeling as though you were back at camp just for a day. Everyone huddled around the TV for this year’s camp video, in a similar fashion to those Wednesday night campfires. Traveling back in time and watching the best moments of the summer from the epic shows, daily activities, and crazy Sunday games. We all sat close to our cabin mates and counselors eating delicious cookies and popcorn, catching up with each other, and going around finding out what new and exciting things everyone has been up to this year. Counselors came around taking pictures of all the cabins and there was nothing that could feel more like camp. Personally, my favorite part was looking at the incredible scrapbooks. A picture is worth a thousand words and so is camp. After that we all took turns writing on leaves of what we were thankful for about camp and, as imagined, the list could go on forever. We may have a long year ahead of us before the summer comes around again but this reunion was definitely successful in showing how big of a family Woodland is and filling that long gap from this summer to next summer.

Couldn’t attend?? Click here to see the rest of the reunion photos on the camp photo site!

Thanks to the CITs for interviewing the rest of the Camp Woodland campers/staff:

DSC08937• Collette V: taking Spanish; went to Mexico in October; paddle-boarding

• Chelsea T: taking dance (ballet, hip-hop, jazz); went to London in October

• Daphne B: taking tennis lessons and playing the clarinet in band

• Elena K: played volleyball this fall; plays the violin in the orchestra, trying out for a part in Mulan

• Jessica S: in show choir, getting ready for Christmas and Spring Musical (Legally Blond)

• Claire P: taking sailing

• Caroline P: is a volunteer tutor

• Jackie J: school and homework, played on freshman tennis team this fall at Glenbrook North, excited to be a CIT in 2014!

• Amelia D: on Student Council; taking dance and horseback riding

• Molly J: read “Moral Instruments” series in 2 months

• Shelby J: has a bunny (Daisy) and 5 dogs

• Kelly J: Language Arts, enjoying playing club soccer (fall and spring: outdoor, winter: indoor), taking modern and hip-hop dance, looking forward to horseback riding

• Ana DLF: doing physical therapy for her hip, spending a week with Jackie and Kelly and will be going to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, looking forward to being a CIT

• Sofia DLF (via Ana): plays tennis and does horseback riding at home; looking forward to seeing her friends at camp

• Cayley V: playing club volleyball

• Aubrie B: taking care of baby bunnies; doing competitive ice skating

• Parker H: has a rabbit named “Cinnamon”

• Taylor H: has a rabbit named “Sugar”

• Jenna K: taking “point” dance

• Sofia S: in school choir and is a singer in a rock band; in Chicago Children’s Choir; played volleyball

• Sam M: travel soccer and meeting new people

• Eden A: went to Arizona for a week

• Gianna C: learned to jump in riding

• Nicole C: Cantar! She is also a cheerleader

• Abby S: met Harry Styles (so lucky!)

• Georgia S: plays basketball, volleyball, and soccer

• Libby B: tennis

• Grace G: gives “Catching Fire” 4 stars; plays club volleyball; went to Nashville in September and will be traveling to Vancouver in March

• Lydia M: plays volleyball and the flute

• Irene M: plays the trumpet

• Claire S: on the travel volleyball team

• Grace B: volunteers at a barn for those with physical challenges; taking a creative cuisine class and is learning how to make a variety of recipes; looking forward to being a CIT

• Rachel P: will be a 1st year camper in 2014; does dance (ballet); likes playing and hanging out with friends; is looking forward to horseback riding

• Grace C: on varsity gymnastics team and making college visits

• Alex K: getting excited to hear back from colleges; taking debate; working as a tutor in the reading/writing center; planning to get lifeguarding certification before camp next summer

• Natalie B: enjoying her freshman year at the University of WI (Madison) where she is studying political science



• Liz H (via Betty): teaching 1st grade English in Gwang-Jiu, Korea

• Becca H (via Betty): in vet school

• Callah D (via Susan): in her senior year at Concordia College in Milwaukee

• Susan D: working at Uncle Dan’s Great Outdoor Store in Highland Park and enjoying her grandkids

• Kim A: tutoring students grades 3-12+ in Math, presenting workshops at various camp conferences, living in both Georgia and Texas