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Camp To Go!

Posted by on March 29, 2013

by Kim Wenzl Aycock

I had the fortune to join the “Camp-to-Go” staff from Camp Twin Lakes at the Children’s Medical Center in Augusta, GA, this past week. “Camp-to-Go” will make about 20 visits to Children’s Hospitals across Georgia this year, and their goal is to bring the camp experience to kids who might not otherwise get to go to summer camp based on various health issues.

The “campers” did “archery” (tossing/blowing paint on q-tips to a target), “fishing” (magnetic fish inside an inflatable pool), “arts/crafts” (making a rainstick), and “sports” (Nerf basketball, miniature golf, and bowling)…just to name a FEW! For the first hour, Camp-to-Go set up in the hallway outside 2 different clinics so that kids could join in the fun while they were waiting to see the doctor. Then, Camp-to-Go went door-to-door and brought camp excitement to patients who were unable to leave their room.

After lunch, the open space on one of the floors in the hospital was turned into a life-sized Candy Land board game (with jumbo dice!).  A campfire program was the perfect way to end the day as kids sang along (and played various percussion instruments) while one of the volunteers played her guitar.

While playing along with the kids and “Camp-to-Go” volunteers, I realized once again how FORTUNATE we are to be able to spend SIX GLORIOUS WEEKS at Woodland/Towering Pines (and not just a few hours on one day) and thankfully we are a healthy bunch and can take part in so many GREAT activities (riding, sailing, riflery, gymnastics, etc.).
BEST WISHES for a HAPPY SPRING!(that means that S’MORE SUMMER FUN is just around the corner!)