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Camp Woodland Achievements

Everyday at Evening Assembly we announce any achievements that happened during the day.  These achievements may include passing a level, accomplishing a new skill, or a camper just trying something they thought they could never do.  I get goosebumps every time I see a girl glow when a counselor announces their names during evening assembly and the other girls cheer for her.  So everyday we will give you a little peak on daily achievements. Enjoy!

Natalie S passed  her white Yoeman, Boeman, and Archer in archery. All white levels shoot 10 yards from the target and then they pass levels as they get more precise. Natalie’s instructors say she is a natural!

Sydney S passed her black Yoeman (first level) in Archery. All black levels shoot 20 yards from the target.

Ana Paula G.  shot 3 bullesyes in Riflery.  Way to go Ana Pau!