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Camp Woodland Friends Unite!

9933_100995293256745_7606944_nA few days ago, one of my best friends from camp showed me a word that only camp friends would truly find meaning in: retrouvaille. Retrouvaille is a French word that describes the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation. This feeling is very familiar to those of us who make the trip up to the Northwoods every summer. Year after year, I thought the joy I felt in seeing my best friends again after 9 long months of school was indescribable – until now. That joy is part of what makes going to camp every summer so special. There is no feeling quite the same as driving down County D where the trees grow a bit taller, the sun shines a bit brighter, and the anticipation of finally seeing the Woodland road becomes overwhelming.


Not only does this joy keep us coming back summer after summer, it provides us with a feeling of acceptance and confidence. Surrounded by our best friends in our favorite place, camp allows us to expand our comfort level and “dare” to try activities we’ve never tried before. Thus, it seems fitting that our theme this summer is “Dare to Explore in 1-4”. This summer’s theme epitomizes what every camper can accomplish if she makes the effort: developing new skills she wouldn’t get anywhere else, discovering new passions, setting and reaching new goals, and achieving a newfound sense of confidence and independence.


“Dare to Explore” encourages every camper to begin daring the first day they get to camp. Whether daring means making a new friend, trying a new activity, taking on a leadership role, or finding new passions, camp is the perfect place to start. This summer, head up to camp with an open mind and be determined to make it the best one yet.

Author: Alex K.
2nd Year Junior Counselor
2014 New Trier High School Graduate

****Thank you Alex K.  for putting into words what so many campers, staff, and alumni feel every summer! *****