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Camp Woodland Olympics!!!

This week we celebrate Sportsmanship by holding our Annual Woodland Olympics.  This is one of the most anticipated events of the summer!   The Woodland Gals are divided into two teams where they choose their team name, mascot, cheer, and song.  Last night the teams were announced and the team spirit was overwhelming!  The team names this year are the Republic of the Congo – Roos and the Caribbean Pirates.  The Congo- Roos Team colors are Red and black while the Pirates are blue and green. Yes, Camp Woodland is very serious about Olympics!

Today we had a bit of a set back. We woke up to severe Woodland Dew!  Oh well, that does not stop the Olympic Spirit here.   We rallied and both teams worked on their team mascots, songs, and flag design.  
This afternoon luckily the skies opened up to sunlight, and the girls still got to compete in tug-o-war and their individual events.  Individual events included gymnastics, archery, riflery, tennis, and horseback riding.  I do have to admit those horseback riders looked amazing!!

Tomorrow morning (cross your fingers for no rain!) we will get back into the olympic spirit and the teams will compete in track, field, and water sport events. I wonder what team will win?????!!!