Camp Woodland Blog

Daily Achievements 7-02-2013

Drum Roll Please!!!

Tennis Class: The girls have been practicing hard and are ready for the World Cup Challenge next week!

Riflery Class:

  • Ana Paula G. scored 3 bullseyes in 1 target! 
  • Gianna C. passed Promarksman
  • Cayley V. passed Marksman

Archery Class: Sydnie passed blue Bowman and Archer.  She is now going to shoot at 40 yrds from the target!

Sailing Class: Jenna and Isa C. windsurfed for the first time!

Recreational Swim:

  • Parker H. and Ali got up on skis and went all they way around the lake
  • Isa got up on the kneeboard and went all the way around the lake