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Everything Clicks in 1-6!

Girls summer campI love summer camp themes. There I said it! My name is Lee and I love summer camp themes. I still remember the first camp I went to (so sadly not Woodland) and the theme was “Feeling Great in ’88!” They weren’t wrong, I felt great as a camper in 1988. I was ready to start out on an adventure and accomplish HUGE things. For example, I was going to be the confident girl (very shy at school) and the best at swimming (known for the belly flop at the local pool). Yes, I had lofty goals but I remember feeling GREAT trying to do all those things, and all the counselors trying so hard to teach me to dive off the swimming platform.


My personal favorite Summer Theme

This is why I love Summer Camp Themes – you get to imagine all the possibilities! Whether you Dare To Explore, All We Can Be, or Everything Clicks, this summer is all about testing your own potential and fulfilling goals. By the way, we are really really good at that at Camp Woodland for Girls. The coolest thing is that you may find you are not just learning new skills, but being the best person you can be. Therefore, this summer we want to celebrate your amazing achievements. When you return home at the end of camp, we want you to be excited and confident on how “Everything clicked 1-6”.


Last year’s summer theme “Where I Thrive in 1-5!”


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