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From Camper to Counselor – Meet Daphne

We are proud to welcome Daphne to our Camp Woodland Staff!  Daphne will be a  Junior Counselor this ,and she grown up through Camp Woodland program, including our prestigious 2 year Counselor-in-Training program.  Please read her poem about all of her summers spent at camp!

Where I’m From

I am from the north woods, raised with my sisters, running wild with the dreamers surrounding me

I am from laughter under the pine trees as the sun peeks through the Climax forest

I am from splashing and smiling with the lake gnomes in cold-coffee stained Sand Lake

I am from “the wind through your hair and the excitement” of winning a sail race

I am from the pounding of hooves through the clearing in the woods.

Daphne helping campers during field games

And the bang of a gun as the bullet leaves the barrel, whizzes through the air, and finds its mark in the center of the target

I am from the crackle and pop of the always dancing flames of the fire next to the glass lake, reflecting the picturesque sunset

The roasting of marshmallows and the gooeyness of the first bite of that perfect s’more

I am from walking into the lodge every meal and knowing exactly what we are having to eat

I am from dancing and singing without a care in the world

I am from early mornings and late nights, talking with my cabin mates for hours about anything and everything, trusting them completely because I know they will always be there for me, like I will always be there for them

I am from camp, and nothing is stronger than a camp family’s bond

Daphne & 2nd year CITs helping during parents weekend