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Gold Rushing It!!!

Even though it’s 20 years later, still, when I wake up in the summer to a solid morning breeze, I think “Ooh!  This is a Woodland sail race day!”

And when I wake up in July and feel a crisp, cool dry air (occasional, very occasional in Virginia), I think “Ooh!  This is a Gold Rush day.”

In reality, any kind of day is a good day for Gold Rush.  But crisp cool and dry is best – because in Gold Rush?  In Gold Rush you run.  With your hands held, for hours, so no one wants extra sweaty hands.  Extra sweaty hands means you might accidentally let go of a hand, and THEN….. well, then the sherriff is going to get you for not holding hands.  And then you might wind up in jail.  Then you might wind up having to hand over your clue money in order to buy your way out of jail.  Then you might have to leave behind an awesome pile of gold you just found, and another cabin’s going to know you left it behind, and get it.

Jamie K (alum) and her cabin found the gold in 2001!!

Jamie K (alum) and her cabin found the gold in 2001!!

Looking back on Gold Rush, like Santa, there are many things I”m surprised I didn’t wonder about.  I knew the counselors and CITs put out all the rocks, but how did they manage to haul buckets of rocks all over camp?  (With very sore arms the next day, that’s how.)  And how did they hide the mother lode without ANYONE knowing? (Because JoAnne and/or Chet is a sneaky genius, that’s how.)  How come the clues were so darn difficult, until you got to the end, and then they were so darn obvious, yet you didn’t know it until you stumbled on the rock-of-all-rocks?  (Because JoAnne and/or Lee is a wicket clue-writer, that’s how.)   I did, however, understand why a CIT was a little trigger-happy with a water guy.  Who can blame them, really.

So get your pans, get your stakes, get your running shoes. And parents, when you wake up this morning, hope for a cool crisp dry day. Becuase rain or shine, it’s GOLD RUSH!

Ps. We will be tweeting the gold rush clues tomorrow on Twitter (Woodland handle is @Woodlandfun).  Follow us and follow the fun!

 Woodland Love,

Alice Decker
Woodland Alumni
Practicing Law in the Washington DC area