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Goodnight Sweetheart…

Posted by on July 1, 2013

One of the best things about being here at Camp Woodland is that for all of the girls, camp really is a “home away from home.” From the family atmosphere of the cabins to the amazing home cooked meals, we do our absolute best to ensure that each camper feels as comfortable and at-home as possible. There are lots of little ways we do this; singing after dinner, cabin-bonding activities – even just having laundry done every week!

But we work extra hard to create a homey feel is at night – because who doesn’t want to feel safe and snug at bedtime? Fortunately, making bedtime feel like home                             photo-21

is one of our specialties here at Camp Woodland.
Every night, the CITs visit each cabin to sing a “good night” song.
These “good night” songs become so familiar to the girls that nighttime would
seem very strange without it!
Even before that, though, each cabin gets read a bedtime story every night by their counselor. Each book is chosen to be both age appropriate and engaging for the girls, so each cabin has a different book. Not only is reading a bedtime story a great way to ward of homesickness and nighttime sadness, but it gives the girls something to look forward to each night at bedtime. Each camper knows that in order to hear a story, she needs to have showered, put on pajamas, and in bed by Lights Out time. Our bedtime stories are the perfect end to each wonderful day here at Camp Woodland!