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Happy Back to School from Sunnyside!

I think it is safe to say that by now everyone is “back to school”!  As much as we would like to stretch out summer as much as possible, somehow those lazy days quickly turn to carpools, backpacks, homework, extracurricular activities, and counting the days until camp begins once again!

Throughout the upcoming year, each month will have a blog that is “sponsored” by a different Woodland cabin from the Summer of 2017.  Each camper wrote her “best moments at camp”…here is a little more about Sunnyside!

What was the highlight of your summer?

Lauren: trotting on a horse again, passing my riflery level, Gold Rush, Lip Sync and Song Contest

Emily: meeting new people, learning how to shoot a gun in riflery, getting a bull’s eye in archery

Abbi: seeing and riding the horses

Molly: being with my cabin, making a million new inside jokes (pinecone, socadilly, oh-ma-goi, doggo, folding underwear…and many more!), passing levels, trying new activities and special events

Tori: passing level 4 in swimming, Olympics, seeing my friends, 1st place tie for Clown Contest, and passing lots of levels

Monica: getting into level 5 in swimming and getting to go in the deep end

Isa: getting to know everyone else better and making new friends

Viv: seeing friends again and meeting new friends

Jenna (CIT): being a Live-In CIT and Coed Show

What are some ways you were able to enjoy being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Lauren: Lip Sync and Song Contest

Emily: Lip Sync and Song Contest

Abbi: the fireworks for 4th of July and being “Camper of the Day”

Molly: just being in a casual environment and not worrying about what everyone thinks about me

Tori: swimming every day, not worrying about grades, being able to see my friends every day and doing activities every day

Monica: playing tennis and not thinking about passing levels or ladder or World Cup, the playak area and much more

Isa: enjoying my friends every single moment

Viv: just having fun and trying new things

Jenna (CIT): Olympics and playing “Queen of the Court” in tennis

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Lauren: passing levels in riflery

Emily: getting 2 bull’s eyes

Abbi: getting a qualifier in archery

Molly: getting to sitting in riflery (something I have been looking forward to for 3 summers!); I tried really hard, and I got it!

Tori: trying new things even when I failed; I kept going like doing the long shallow dive and wake-boarding

Monica: passing level 4 in swimming

Isa: passing out of swimming lessons

Viv: trying trick-skiing and knee-boarding for the first time ever

Jenna (CIT): passing my bar 9 in riflery and jumping in riding

What was something you learned about yourself this summer?

Lauren: my confidence

Emily: confidence to try new things

Abbi: that I am good at archery

Molly: Being more confident (not just this summer but at camp in general!).  I feel like I used to always be shy, quiet, and easily embarrassed.  At camp I learned to be comfortable around others.

Tori: I am able to do anything like diving off the Aqua Tramp, wake-boarding, and passing lots of levels

Monica: if you try your best, you always succeed

Isa: I don’t need someone to have fun, I just need someone to have fun with me

Viv: I don’t give up easily

Jenna (CIT): I am a hard worker, and I don’t give up