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Happy Belated 4th Of July!!

Posted by on July 6, 2012

4th of July- Ooooh, Aahh, Wonderful!!!

Ok, ok, I know you are dying to find out about what happened at camp for the 4th of July!  Here we go!………..

The past few days have been extremely hot in Northern Wisconsin.  Luckily, not as hot as Chicago or the East Coast.  However, the girls have been super troopers and drank plenty have water, took breaks during activities, and enjoyed swimming in the lake! 

Every summer Camp Woodland and Towering Pines celebrate the 4th of July together sharing skits and songs around the campfire.  During the day it was in the low nineties and it was huuuu-mid!  But out of nowhere, right before we had to head over to Towering Pines, a fantastic gust of wind blew through camp. The temperature dropped, and we found ourselves wanting to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts!!!   It was a “4th of July” miracle indeed!!!  Between the breeze and the cooler temperatures the campfire and fireworks were a huge hit!! 

We had a few Emcee’s to host the fireworks this Year!  Towering Pines has two new emcees’: The Nokomis Ninja and his sidekick, Yellow Belt.   They were very entertaining as Yellow Belt is a ninja but is afraid of people.  Luckily, the Nokomis Ninja is his mentor and is helps him through the rigors of campfire!  A few other Emcees that made it to the party were TP Trojan, Fairy God Mother, Luanne, and Georgie the cricket! 

Yes, yes, yes, there was a lot going on at Camp Fire!  After the boys and girls performed their skit and song, the sun magically disappeared, the glow sticks emerged, and there was an amazing cadence of fireworks.  Jeff Jordan set off over 30 spectacular fireworks.  It is probably one of the best fireworks displays in the Northwoods!

The girls really enjoyed seeing their brothers at Towering Pines as well.  The girls tell me that during the year they are not as close to their siblings as when they are at camp.   They tell me that the magic of camp makes them closer!  You gotta love that camp magic J