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Happy International Camp T-shirt Day from Tamarack!

Woodland girls never miss an opportunity to show camp spirit!  Whether it be dressing up for the weekly Sunday morning assembly Woodland spirit, making a tie-dye t-shirt with the current summer theme backdrop, going to Towering Pines for a class activity or special event, or being in the end-of-summer Coed Show, we are always proud to sport “Woodland Wear!”  As  you can see in the photo above, the Tamarack girls are oh-so-cute in their coordinated Woodland t-shirts at the annual Song Contest at the end of the 3rd week.

On the last day of camp, the countdown begins for the arrival of the first day of the following summer, so it is fun to have a few “milestones” to mark the passing of time along the way.  International t-shirt day in mid-November is definitely one of them (we are closing in on 200 days until camp 2019!).  So, grab your favorite camp gear (t-shirt or other item), take a photo, then post on your favorite social media platform using #camptshirtday!

The inside scoop from the girls of Tamarack 2018: 

What is one thing you know now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the summer?

Lilah: That I would be in Tamarack

Lou: I thought I wouldn’t pass out of swimming, and now I know that I can swim well

Lizzy: How to swim better

Sydney: I didn’t know how to post in riding and now I can post while trotting which is super cool

Carlota: That I really love dance

Paz: Archery and how to speak better English

Kaitlyn: My back handspring in gymnastics (thanks to Sydney for cheering me on and keeping me on a positive attitude about it and helping me get it)

Heidi: That getting letters is much more enjoyable than texting!

Caroline: There is a plant nicknamed “butt rock”

Describe a change you made in yourself this summer:

Lilah: I am trying to be more positive

Lou: I improved in my confidence in swimming and also my endurance in riding

Lizzy: I changed my attitude

Sydney: A change I made was to think of the cup as being half full instead of half empty

Carlota: I learned to be more optimistic about myself

Paz: I met a lot of friends, and I LOVE WOODLAND!

Kaitlyn: I became better at swimming and passed into Level 5.

Heidi: I learned to try new things; not just foods, but activities, too.

Caroline: I’m more able to confide in others and don’t need to filter everything.


What are ways you were kind to the campers in your cabin or in general:

Lilah: I never yucked someone’s yum

Lou: When a new girl moved into our cabin, I was unsure, but then I tried to get to know her and helped bring her out of her shell

Lizzy: By making people laugh when they were sad

Sydney: I was kind by listening to thoughts and perspectives of others and trying to incorporate them

Carlota: When someone moved into our cabin who was really shy, I started talking to her, and I think she had a great time

Paz: When someone in our cabin missed her Mom, I tried to help her so that she would be happy

Kaitlyn: I would always include them if they asked, I gave compliments, and I offered to help them during cabin clean-up with their jobs

Heidi: I was complimenting people, and I did my best to make others laugh.

Caroline: I am the one who showed my quirky side to make others laugh.


How did others show kindness to you?

Lilah: They picked me up when I fell down

Lou: When I was having a bad day, my friends were there and made me feel better

Lizzy: They included me

Sydney: By listening to me when I was homesick or when they cheered me on

Carlota: By cheering me up when I was sad and by making me laugh a lot; I had the best summer of my life!

Paz: When they always hope that I am having a good time

Kaitlyn: When I was down, they cheered me up; when I would be trying to get something in activities, like my flip-flop, they would always cheer me on and encourage me; and during cabin clean-up, if I couldn’t do part of my job because I had to do something else, they would help me

Heidi: People explained things to me when I didn’t understand them; I always felt included

Caroline: It didn’t take long for me to meet someone nice!