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Happy National S’Mores Day from Sunnyside!

Posted by on August 9, 2019

Now that summer 2019 is a collection of cherished memories, we will begin our series of highlighting each cabin throughout the upcoming months. You will find “best moments” and fun photos from the girls of the spotlight cabin from the recent summer. Sunnyside is going to kick us off this year with a fitting tribute to National S’mores Day (August 10th).

These girls will be CIT’s next year and are already up for the challenge! They stepped in to take on “singing” duties before bedtime and a number of other leadership roles for the 2nd half of the summer including hosting a S’Mores Party on the last night of camp. Here is what they had to say about their 6 weeks at Woodland:

How did you SHINE this summer?

Lucy: I started and finished the sitting levels in riflery in 4 weeks!

Tori: I improved my skills in sailing and sail race.

Ellie: Passing levels in riflery and being a good role model for the younger girls.

Katherine: By passing out of level 4 swimming – it was very hard for me to pass that level.

Monica: I tried chicken!

Molly: I passed levels, tried new things, and made friends.

Isa: I made new friends, passed levels and I had lots of fun with everyone.

Aubrie: I passed out of swimming, achieved my advanced level in canoeing, learned to play tennis and so much more!

When were you your BEST this summer?

Lucy: The whole summer I was at my best. At school my best is studying hard.

Tori: I think the 5th week was my best as I really improved in wake-boarding and sailing, and I had a ton of fun at Olympics.

Ellie: Being at my best at camp means learning from and loving my friends here. At school it means getting good grades and being confident with myself.

Katherine: I was at my best at the beginning of 2nd session because I had no stress. My best at school is when I’m on top of my school work.

Monica: I was at my best practicing for horse show. My best at home is being on top of my school work/violin and hanging with friends.

Molly: The final week because I have excelled in activities and special events. I’m at my best at home when I’m on top of my school work, in a good place with my friends and feeling confident.

Isa: I decided to have a good time and enjoy everything I did. At home or school, I try my hardest to do my best and be with my friends and family.

Aubrie: I was at my best when I was with my friends laughing and having an amazing time at my activities.

Describe a CHANGE you noticed in yourself this summer:

Lucy: I noticed myself becoming more mature and ready to be a CIT.

Tori: I became more confident.

Ellie: I have gotten better at being situationally aware and have more confidence in myself than before. I can do big roles in drama well.

Katherine: I’m more carefree and don’t care what others think. I learned that even if it takes a long time, if I persevere, I can do it.

Monica: My tennis got better, and I became better friends with my cabin mates.

Molly: I’m not afraid to do things like speak my mind, be creative, and be myself!

Isa: I had a good attitude and tried to live camp to the fullest. I learned that there are always people to help you.

Aubrie: I became more patient and understanding and became skilled in new activities. I learned to persevere and get back up if I fail.

What is something you are THANKFUL for this summer?

Lucy: Joining cabins – I missed my cabinmates from 2016.

Tori: I am thankful for being able to try new things and have so many opportunities at camp.

Ellie: The friends who are there for me no matter what.

Katherine: I am thankful for having such an amazing cabin!

Monica: My cabin mates and the staff.

Molly: Having the ability to keep coming back to camp!

Isa: I am thankful that I can have this experience.

Aubrie: I am thankful I was able to grow the camp bond I have with so many people.