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Happy New Year from the 2014 CIT’s!

NewYearCW2015Happy New Year – Where I THRIVE in 1-5!

Favorite Things from 2014 CIT’s:

Caroline: donuts, Gold Rush, Coed Show practices, dinnertime conversations, extended rest hours

Jackie: Spoon Assassins, Olympics, chicken tenders, Coed Show, CIT responsibilities

Ana: friends, cabin bonding, mealtimes, learning new dances, campfire songs and skits

CIT1 Banquet

Claire: campfires, packages, sail race, friends, games, Coed Show after party, Gold Rush

Regina P: Woodland and TP Fairs, leading Sunday activities, desserts and evening snacks, spending time with counselors and friends

Grace: Coed Show, friends, Gold Rush, taco bar, cabinmates, assisting Farm Zoo classes, talking with younger girls

CIT2 Banquet

Jess: seeing my friends after the long year, coming back every summer and nothing has changed, Dan’s food, camp traditions, getting to be in Coed Show, meeting so many new friends, being in a cabin with my 4 best friends, Olympics where every year I lose my voice, talking late at night, playing “Never Have I Ever”, and the beach because it is always warm even when it is cold just up the stairs

Paige: my favorite thing about camp is coming back after a year and seeing my friends and hugging and laughing with each other like we weren’t even apart from each other

Regina V: being on the bus and starting to feel the excitement, jumping into my best friends’ arms like nothing has changed, playing tennis so hard that you can feel your heart beat going super fast, that I have no worries, that my parents don’t come, waking up and seeing my best friends’ faces

CW 2nd year CITs

Mera: my favorite thing about camp is being able to spend the entire summer with my best friends in the entire world.  I also love to be able to do activities that I would not be able to do at home.  Another one of my favorite things is being in Coed Show, singing and dancing in front of the whole camp and hearing them laugh at the jokes and cheer for all of us.

Katelyn: the five girls that have become my “sistas” these past 10 years, shooting archery on a super sunny day, beating the boys in sail race on a day when the wind is so crazy you can see white caps, Wednesday’s when we observe, bond, and learn with a cabin of younger girls, when the lights turn on for Coed Show, getting decked out for Olympics, practicing, “Classic” for Coed Show, being on a sailboat with my best friends, talking about the strangest things during meals