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Happy Thanksgiving from Silver Birch!

ThanksgivingCW2014Happy Thanksgiving!

Silver Birch Favorite Things:

Jillian: I love Dan’s cooking, especially taco bar; watching Yeller’s long mane fly when I canter; Boot Camp is my favorite evening activity because it is intense and we do 100 squats and planks; seeing the looks on people’s faces when they go to the “love bench” at the TP Fair; Spoon Assassins is my favorite all-camp activity – what’s not to love about “killing” people with a spoon?; listening to the “warm & fuzzy” and “lake gnomes” stories at campfire because they are so funny; I love Song Contest because you get to hear everyone’s creative songs

SB Alien InvasionAlien Invasion

Nyki: the delicious homemade cookies are so good!; campfires when people dress up and do skits and songs up; Olympics when people have fun and laugh all they want; Woodland Fair – the fishing booth was so much fun; archery because I get to pass levels, and I get really excited when I get a bulls-eye!

Tory: there are so MANY things I love about camp!  I love activities; riding and tennis are my favorites.  In riding I love Big Red, Spud, and Yeller; in tennis I love the game “Queen of the Court”.  I absolutely love Dan’s homemade M&M cookies!  The favorite part of camp is my cabin; I love all my friends and counselors.  My counselors are always laughing and dancing, and it’s a blast!  My bunkmate is always smiling, and we play this game where we steal blankets from each other.  Last but not least, I love Woodland Fair!  Our cabin was in charge of the fishing booth, and we ran out of prizes so we gave out sticks and money.  One time I put a piece of popcorn I found and the person who was “fishing” ate it!  These are just SOME of my favorite things I love about camp!

"                               "Lip Sync Contest

Katie: I like passing levels in activities; I LOVE the grilled cheese here!   It’s awesome when my cabinmates and I make forts during rest hour.  It’s fun just sitting and laughing with everyone even if it is not that funny.  I like when we’re in a goofy mood and making random jokes like “knock, knock”, “who’s there?”, “hoo”, “hoo who?”, “Is there an owl in here?!” I like dancing to songs at night and swimming for cabin night.  My favorite activity is riding.  I loved all of the booths at Woodland Fair, but the fishing booth my favorite because we gave out random things, and it was funny.  These are all the reasons I LOVE Camp Woodland!

Libby: my friends, Dan’s yummy food, riding, Birdie (a horse), canoeing, Dan’s sugar and snicker doodle cookies, the awesome counselors, the goats, Banquet, EVERYTHING!!!!

SB BanquetFinal Banquet