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Happy Thanksgiving from Sunnyside 2015!

SunnysideCheers to a GREAT Holiday!

We are THANKFUL for our camp family – the campers, staff, alumni, and friends who make every summer a wonderful experience for all Woodland girls!  Thank you, Sunnyside, for sharing your best moments with us!

I am really proud of:

Parker: trying new things! I loved trying the new food the kitchen staff made and new activities

Molly: passing level 4 swimming on the first day and shooting 3 bull’s eyes

Anna: getting my Marksman 1st Class in riflery

Abbey: trying riflery

Barbie: passing levels 5 and 6 in swimming and getting better in archery

Irene: passing Level 4 in swimming

Fer: getting along well with other people

Adri: going out of the wake in water-skiing and trying new things

Cabin Unity

Cabin Unity Campfire

The thing I learned the most about myself this summer:

Parker: I’m more courageous than I thought; I made new friends and tried new things

Molly: I love to swim, especially in the lake, even when it is really cold

Anna: I was able to accomplish a lot

Abbey: I like jambalaya

Barbie: that you can do anything if you are positive and have a lot of patience and effort

Irene: I am not a good singer

Fer: that I have a free spirit

Adri: I love sharing my stories and experiences with other people

Sunnyside Cabin

Hanging Out in the Cabin

The best thing that happened to me at camp:

Parker: seeing old friends and meeting new friends was AMAZING!

Molly: I got to swim in the deep which is more fun than swimming in the middle, and I also had a great cabin

Anna: all my friends

Abbey: hitting the target in riflery

Barbie: friendships, activities, counselors, food (all!)

Irene: getting to see all my friends again this year

Fer: meeting new people who are nice

Adri: meeting all my friends that will last forever


Thank you Sofia, Cami, Andrea and Sam!