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Happy Thanksgiving from Treetops!


Reminders of a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

As the last week of November rolls around, I am reminded of watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special every year around this time on TV.  Charlie Brown ends up serving Thanksgiving dinner for his friends thanks to Peppermint Patti’s self-invitation when he is really supposed to go to his Grandmother’s for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Charlie Brown enlists the help of Snoopy to help set up for the feast and, low and behold, a non-traditional fare ensues.

When Charlie Brown’s guests sit down to dinner on an assortment of lawn chairs placed around a ping-pong table, his friends are surprised to find popcorn, toast, jelly beans, pretzels, and ice cream sundaes on the menu.  After a much disgruntled Peppermint Patti voices her opinion about the food selections, Linus reminds the group about the true meaning of Thanksgiving and how important it is just to be together by retelling the story of Myles Standish and the Pilgrims on that very first Thanksgiving Day .


After having recently been to the Woodland Camp Reunion this past weekend, I am thankful for the opportunity to get together with camp friends at the start of the holiday season.  It was so fun to see campers, staff, and alumni gather 3 months after the close of the summer of “All We Can Be in 1-3”.  It was a special time for friends to reunite and catch up on the events of our days away from camp while knowing that the summer of “Dare to Explore in 1-4” is now closer than it was in August!  We were even able to share a similar fare to Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving feast (popcorn, pretzels, cheese sticks, grapes, juice boxes, and other tasty treats!) while huddling close to the TV so that we could watch the highlights of the summer of 2013 on the big screen.  Camp memories were relived and shared, stories retold, friendships rekindled, and plans for next summer were formed!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all campers, staff, alumni, and friends…we are grateful for your membership to the Woodland/Towering Pines Family!  Many blessings in the year to come!

Favorite Things from Treetops

Paula:  I love sailing, especially the mini-fish.  I also like arts and crafts because you can be really creative.  What I like is spoon assassins because it is a game played with the entire camp.  Also, I like to go to Woodland and TP fair because you can do a lot of things. Also, I love campfires and inside jokes and the evening activities.  I LOVE CAMP THE WAY IT IS!!!

Sam: My favorite things camp are meeting new people, doing new things, trying new foods, getting to bond with your counselors and cabin mates, going on canoe trips, the fun evening activities, events (Birthday, Olympics, Spoon Assassins, Banquet, Song Contest, Gold Rush, TP/Woodland Fairs, Shows, Co-Ed Show, Campfires, 4th of July, etc.)  FUN! FUN! FUN!

Eden: My favorite things about camp are counselors.  I chose the counselors because they are so helpful, entertaining, and caring. Another one of my favorite things about camp is the food.  The food at camp Woodland is awesome! Dan, I bet you will end up on a professional cooking show – that is how good you are at cooking!  The last thing I love about camp is the new friends I meet because they are so thoughtful, and I couldn’t ask for anything better! I LOVE CAMP WOODLAND!

Parker: My 5 favorite things about camp are (drum roll please!):

5. Spoon Assassins

4. Gold Rush! So Fun!

3. Canteen

2. So many activity choices!

1. You also meet new friends and see old ones!

Camp is soooooooooooooo much FUN!

Sofia: One of my favorite things about camp is spoon assassins because it is so much fun!  Another thing is Olympics because we compete at different skills and cheer on a team.  I like Gold Rush because it is very intense and fun.  The Drama, Dance, and Gymnastics Shows are awesome because you can show everyone your skills.  Friends!  Here you meet real friends and have fun with them!

Molly: My favorite thing about camp is the people. Everyone is nice to everyone!  All the girls make sure that everyone is included. By the end of camp everyone is really good friends with girls of all ages. Girls become like sisters!