Camp Woodland Blog


The following post is a piece written by first-year CIT, Susie Elfman.


Camp is close. Close to what, I don’t know. Maybe to true happiness, maybe to fun. But one thing I know camp is close to is perfect. It’s perfect in all of the little ways, like how the sunlight makes the leaves look bright green when you look to your right. Or how when you stare up at the tops of the trees you get dizzy. Maybe it’s the water hitting the shore that makes it perfect. Or it could be the noise a sail makes when it’s windy. Perhaps it’s the sound of the birds in the early hours of the morning.

FullSizeRender (19)

I can’t be too sure if it’s the patter of rain on the cabin roof or the mumbles of “goodnight” when the lights turn off. Maybe it’s the way your arms are sore after canoeing, or how an arrow sounds hitting the target. Maybe it’s the smell of the riflery range after your shoot or the cheer of your friends when you get a bullseye. Is it the smell of paint in the art room? No one can know for sure what makes camp so close to perfection, but it might just be the little things. Whatever it is, I know that it makes me excited when I drive down the Woodland Road to take my first deep breath of the Northwoods air. And it’s then I know I’m in a place I can only describe as home.