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“Inside Out” Speaks the Language of Camp

Posted by on July 5, 2015

Inside Out

As I was traveling this past month working with various camps around the country and facilitating staff training, some good friends of mine asked me if I had seen the movie, “Inside Out.”  Since I had barely glimpsed the news in multiple weeks at that point, I had to admit that I really didn’t have a clue what it was about.  They both looked at me and said, “You HAVE to go see this movie – it speaks the language of camp!”


After seeing “Inside Out” this weekend, I couldn’t agree with my friends more!  Riley (an 11-year old girl) and her imaginary friend from year’s past (Bing-Bong) won my heart as Riley’s 5 emotions (Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear) desperately fought to keep control of the stress of moving to a new town.  I had a front row seat into the complexity of the human mind of a child and how conflicting emotions make it challenging to navigate every day life.  This movie did a great job of depicting a young person from the “Inside Out.”


It was a good reminder of how each child comes to camp with lots of “stuff” that plays into their adjustment regardless of being a new or seasoned camper.  Experiences and relationships from home, school, and beyond help shape the core fabric of each camper.  Because we take the business of youth development seriously, we are interested in learning about each girl beyond the surface level.  The first two weeks are important in that way as the counselors and staff get to know your daughter(s) and begin to discover the uniqueness each camper brings to the cabin group and camp community.  We are working hard to know each girl from the “Inside Out”!