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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Posted by on July 29, 2014


Jenna, Sarah, and Lorenza from Driftwood Cabin

It is unfortunate that part of my duties yesterday included driving the Driftwood girls and their counselors to Cathy’s Ice Cream (they really had to twist my arm!) during cabin night as a reward for being “Clean Freaks” for a second week this summer.   After everyone agonized over their choice of ice cream flavor (Rainbow Sherbet, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Caramel Collision, Pirate’s Booty, and Superman made the final cut), we all ended up sitting outside at one of the tables on the deck.  I noticed that Lorenza was particularly “bubbly” and happy, and she announced to the group that this was the BEST DAY EVER!  It didn’t seem right to leave it at that, so I asked her to share what it was that made it such a great day.  She proceeded to recap her day with:

Breakfast: was AMAZING because we had donuts!

1st period: We got to do a “show” in swimming, and I love doing shows…and the water was SO warm!

2nd period: I finished my project in Arts and Crafts (a jewelry box), and it turned out to be AWESOME.

3rd period: I challenged another camper in tennis, and I lost, but it was so much FUN!  And, Jenny, my instructor told me how much I have improved over the summer, and that made me feel really good.

Lunch: We taught Sarah H. how to eat tacos (with the appropriate tilt of the head) so that you “bring the taco to your mouth and not your mouth to the taco.”


Lorenza, Sofia, and Ana Marta on Driftwood’s Canoe Trip

4th period: I had a blast during Rec Swim because I helped the CIT’s learn our Song Contest entry since they will be performing it at Co-Ed Show later this week.  And, it was fun just being able to hang out with my friends at the beach.

5th Period: Sailing was cool because I made my first mooring (kind of like “parking” the boat”) and we got to play Sponge Tag.

6th period: I enjoyed laughing and singing a funny song during Multi-Media while working on our project.  I wrote, “If I could change one thing about camp, it would be to have camp last 8 weeks instead of 6!” for my journal entry.

Dinner: Was really AWESOME because we had grilled cheese sandwiches, and I LOVE grilled cheese!

Evening Activity: Cabin night is one of my favorite evening programs, and it is so GREAT that we are all enjoying ice cream and hanging out together at Cathy’s.  IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

After Lorenza shared an hour-by-hour account of her day, each of the other Driftwood girls followed suit and told what made their day FANTASTIC as well.


Driftwood Cabin at Cathy’s

As I sat back to take in what each girl was sharing in her report of a most awesome day, it occurred to me that this is what I LOVE about the last week of camp.  It is now pay-off time for all of the hard work the girls have put in during the first five weeks.  This last week is really FUN because the girls have been doing their activities daily for over a month now, and they can see the results of the skill progression that occurs when you work at something for an extended period of time.  That feeling of SUCCESS is what makes camp EXTRA SPECIAL in the days we have left.  Campers are fully aware of the short amount of time that remains for this summer, and they want to make the most of EVERY MINUTE they have together!