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It’s A Camp Thing…You Wouldn’t Understand!

Posted by on August 6, 2015

Bug juice, s’mores, sleeping in a bunk bed, sharing a bathroom with 10 other people, getting canteen at Rec Swim, being the “hopper” at meals, playing tetherball, shaving your legs at the spigot, running to get your mail after lunch, hanging out at rest hour, and putting ketchup on chips at Sunday night picnic are just a FEW things that many people who don’t go to camp or who have never been to camp just wouldn’t understand.

Here are few other examples to further illustrate my point:


You can never have too many friendship bracelets!


What is your favorite color of Crocs?!


Rain boots are not just for rainy days!


Everything is better tie-dyed!


Special talents that only make sense at weekly campfire challenges…


Dressing up like TP boys for a campfire skit


Showing your Olympic Spirit


 Hard core for both teams!

5 emotions

Clown Contest for Woodland Fair


It’s Time for Spoon Assassins!

p.s. “It’s a Camp Thing” is the theme for Co-Ed Show 2015!