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Marshmallow + Butterscotch = 2 New Baby Bunnies!

IMG_0057Throughout the winter  we enjoy hearing from our campers and find out what they are doing.  Aubrie B, Silverbirch cabin, loved being in farm zoo so much she convinced her parents to adopt Marshmallow and Butterscotch.  They were two of the camp’s favorite female bunnies, or so we thought!  Butterscotch delivered two baby bunnies in early October.  One bunny looks just like butterscotch and the other one is gray just like marshmallow.

Aubrie wrote us a little post about her newest farm zoo experience:
Aubrie bunny letter-2Translation: “The rabbits had babies. One of them looked like Butterscotch. The other looks like Marshmallow. They are three weeks old. They are starting to eat alfalfa. They are also starting to jump. (They were only walking/crawling at first.) They are so cute and so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Thanks Aubrie for sharing!






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