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May Flowers from Silver Birch

Posted by on May 15, 2014


May Flowers Mean Only 1 Thing…SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!

Has anyone noticed that the camp countdown calendar has gone from over 300 days until camp (in August of 2013) to barely 30 days left (current count)?!  That is EXCITING for those of us who wait ALL YEAR for camp days to get underway.  It is time to start packing and get ready for the “Dare-to-Explore in 1-4” Summer…we can’t wait to see you in the Northwoods!  See you SOON…

p.s. The day lilies in front of the Lodge in the photo above somehow time themselves just right and always make an appearance for Camp Birthday, a tradition that is celebrated each year after the 4th week of camp.

SILVER BIRCH Favorite Things:
Adri: Sailing, Chicken Tenders, My friends, TP Fair, Woodland Fair, Camper Council, Spoon Assasins, Olympics, Co-ED show, Banquet, Sunday’s because they are different, Gold Rush, Clue!, Movie Night, Moss Garden, CIT pancake breakfast, Tubing, Big Banana, Archery, Birthday, CAMP WOODLAND!
Jillian: Chicken Tenders, Aqua Tramp, Vespers, Spoon Assassins, Sunday Inspiration, Riding, Camper Council, Birthday, Creamsicles, Woodland Fair, Drama Show, Co-ed show, Slide Show, Big Banana
Irene: Sunday, Gold Rush, Camper Council, Activities, Spoon Assassins, Camp Woodland, Chicken Tenders, Oreo Pie, Everything….except leaving!
Aubrie: Gold Rush, Chicken Patties, Recreational Swim, Riding, Birthday, Campfire, Clue, and Boats
Libby: Taco Bar, Chili Mac, Sundaes, Camper Council, Riding, Spoon Assassins, Banquet, Sunday picnic/Wednesday cookout, Movie Night, Tubing, and Bonnie
Georgia: Chicken Patties, Campfire, Spoon Assassins, Clue, Aqua Tramp, Trail Rides, Shows, Sailing, Friends, Tubing, Birthday, Banquet, Horse Show, Water Show, and Coming to Camp!