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OD Blog July, 1 – 8

Posted by on July 17, 2010

Dear OD Log,
Today Leah, who was hostess woke me up. I got out of bed really excited because I had to do one of my favorite things at camp: ring the bell!! After washing my hands and setting the tables I had a wonderful breakfast which gave me a lot of energy so I could stay alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic, all day long. During assembly Emma got camper of the day, congratulations!! I went with Barb and Denise for cabin inspections, good job treetops! After that I went back into the office because I had a lot of work too do. I learned how to send bunk notes and I sent letters home. I think there should be an activity to learn how to send letters, but anyway, after a busy morning at the office the bell rang and after lunch and rest hour, I went to the water front for ski help, but I didn’t get in because Maria was the only one who skied, great job! After giving canteen I went back to my cabin to enjoy my hour off and I shared with Claire, Leah, and Suzanne who was counselor for a day… I really enjoyed my 1st time as OD, but that’s all for now.
Signing off for now, Sofia
P.S. my chus (shoes)
P.P.S. Values

Dear OD Log,
It was the 2nd of July and all was quiet until I rang the bell and disrupted the girls’ beauty sleep (thanks Paige H.) Waking up Claire was easy and we hopped, but the food we couldn’t try it until everyone was there. For Assembly, everyone would leap and we called Starshine with the buzzer and had the flag put up. I had the privilege of being OD and Counselor of the Day so I Taught Dance in the Rec Hall and got all sweaty. With Denise I went on Cabin Inspection and Sunnyside won! Congrats once again). I learnt to send mail and Bunk Notes with JoAnne and Mrs. J. Lunch was yummy while canteen was quite empty, some tried to trick me for double canteen, Caroline… There was a HUGE spider in there but before Arantxa was quite jumpy. Jumpy because it was her first time skiing and she got up, CONGRATS! Kate knee boarded spectacularly and soon I took a nice shower. After dinner, we organized the movie area for a good cause… Move night with Alvin and the Chipmunks… Major movie stars!!! Twizzlers were scrumptious and I helped Treetops in their cabins, Thanks for the drawings Grace and Ana Pau. Soon after we all went to the cabin and fell asleep instantly.
Goodnight and Sweet Dreams Camp Woodland
Until next time OD Log,
Dear OD Log,
Today I woke up extra early and rang the wake up bell! Then I woke up the hostess. After assembly I waited in the office with Sam because the door was locked. When JoAnne finally gave Sam the key I got around to cabin inspections. Good job everyone that got 30’s!! Next, I sorted all the mail and announced who got packages at lunch, and no Haley, your package did not come. Then I carried 5 boxes of candy to the canteen. During 5th hour there was a giant spider by the candy window and Leah killed it. Thanks Girl!! Finally my OD duties ended with a wonderful hour off, where I got ready for the CIT social!!!
Signing off for now, Molly Monage
P.S. Silly Willy is a very relevant song Sarah.


Dear OD Log,
Well, I started my first OD day off by waking the camp up with the bell…well, I didn’t think that one through…it was 4th of July and everyone gets woken up by the horses. ..Whoops!!! Well, I had breakfast (cinnamon rolls, yum!) then during cabin cleanup we got ready for our CIT game and our re-enactment of the Boston tea party! So, during vespers I did cabin inspections (way to go Aquarius) Then we had lunch and played some forth of July games. Then it was the red, white, and BOOM campfire at towering pines, good job everyone!! I’m so glad we got to do fireworks because that’s my favorite part! I was so glad I got to see my brother again (cough cough wink wink Mira!!) Well, overall it was a great day! I hope my next day is as fun!!
Signing off for now, Lindsay Lee Moppet
P.S. singing in the shower
P.P.S. Grace+Suze+ Lindsay= dream crew!!
P.P.P.S. congratulations, would you like a cookie or something?

Dear OD log:
Today I woke up to my favorite sound in the world, “Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep,” my alarm clock. I dragged myself out of bed to ring the bell and wake up Jenny in Starshine, who luckily was already awake. Then, I did cabin inspections after assembly, during which Sunnyside got a 30. Again. Honestly Sunnysiders, that’s probably the cleanest cabin I’ve ever seen. Keep it up girl! Then I sorted the mail and restocked the canteen with soda. And let me tell you, golf cart duties are great as everyone says they are, or maybe it was because I was with Hannah and it was a pretty crazy ride. When I got back Joanne and Susan told me that we were going to do a missing person drill, which meant that I got to be the lucky duck that got to ring the bell for 15 minutes. Unfortunately the drill was cancelled due to some woodland dew, which also meant no canteen during Rec-Swim. Then came my glorious hour off during which I took a long hot shower, did my laundry, and admittedly sang and danced to some 3Oh!3. Overall it was a pretty good 1st day as OD.
Signing off for now, Nappy Behnks
P.S. Lisa, I’m here! I’m here!

Dear OD log!
I’m a tough one to wake up, so this morning was brutal. As I saw that Fer was hostess, I sighed in relief knowing I didn’t have to storm into someone else’s cabin. Cabin Clean-Up approached, so I went around to all the cabins letting them know about lip sync. Nice job Silver Birch! Work it Elena! Being a guidette was a blast! Then I actually got to do some real OD work! Nice job Sunnyside! And no Silver Birch, you didn’t get a 30 at Callas request, I promise! By the way, sorry Jaime and Hannah, I’m aware my questions can get really frustrating!! And yes Haley, your package finally came! Woohoo! Ski help was awesome, don’t worry Grace, I know skiing is still a little hard for you! I’ll always be there! Not going to lie, I’m a little afraid of the canteen shack. Shanti, you make me laugh, “we don’t have Take 5’s in Mexico! Dinner was great they dint put meat in the sauce! Score! And, once again, I made Haley die of laughter, I’m on a roll!! I went snail hunting for evening activity with Amanda and Suzanne and we had tea with a loon named Phillip.
Much Love, Rasta Pasta!
P.S. Sup Sup bro?!
P.P.S. I found you an acorn; cherish it!!

Dear OD log,
Today I went to ring the wake-up bell, then went to Tamarack to check if Hannah was awake who later gave Arantxa camper of the day. Congrats! After assembly I went to sort the mail and do some other office duties. Best part of my day! It was super fun because Lindsay got to chill in the office with me because of her hurt ankle. Way to trip on nothing Lindsay. I got to clean the whole lodge Wahoo!! Best arm workout of my life: vacuuming the rug in the lodge. Then I got to staple letters home together. We were supposed to go on our canoe trip but the weather didn’t quite co-operate. I got to give out canteen for 5th hour since it stopped raining! By the way, all the cabins were super clean. I’m impressed, good job girlies!!
Signing off for now, Toris
P.S. Hey Lisa, you have a package
P.P.S. Excuse-est-moi

Dear OD log,
Its my first day of being OD, woohoo!! Today I woke up and rang the wake-up bell. Then I went to Treetops to wake up Joanna, the happy hostess, who was thankfully already awake. At assembly Joanna gave Corinne camper of the day! Congrats! Then I went to the office and sorted mail until Denise came to get me for cabin inspections. Great job Sunnyside and Treetops girls! Hilltop, come on, we can do better than that! After inspections I cleaned the lodge. I swear that vacuum is alive! Fish Friday was lunch, and it was amazing! After a much-needed quiet rest hour it was time to do ski help which meant I got to ski twice! Yeah! Good job Emma, Arantxa, and Kira for getting up on the first try! Next it was time for my luxurious hour off. I took a nice long shower, blasted some music, and wrote letters. Overall it was an exciting day as OD.
Signing off for now, Gracie Lou Freebush
P.S. Hey Corinne, this is why I’M hot.
P.P.S. Happy Potter= Suze’s favorite thing in the world.
P.P.P.S. You sound like a Pegasaurus…they’re part goat!